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2018 New York State Legislature Special Elections

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2018 New York State Legislature Special Elections

You can call it a bit of a Super Tuesday, if 2018 New York State Legislature Special Elections is cause for such a thing.

Two Senate and nine Assembly seats are at risk in today’s votes, and control of the New York State Senate is up for grabs. It’s normal to have a special election here and there, but there are 11 all scheduled for the same day. These are local-level special elections, and therefore low-turnout engagements. Yet, if districts flip unexpectedly, it will become national news (whether or not it should be).

This is an abridged view of the action in each of the 11 legislative districts across the state with elections on April 24, 2018. Many are on Long Island or in New York City, with only a few scattered across the rest of New York.

2018 New York State Legislature Special Elections: 32nd Senate

South Bronx, Morrisania, Parkchester

This Bronx seat is vacant due to the resignation of Ruben Diaz, Sr (D), who was elected to the New York City Council last year. His district is in one of the most Democratic-heavy areas of the United States, and is part of a very blue US House seat. Republican odds of winning the seat are virtually nonexistent.

SD-32 Results: DEMOCRATIC HOLD, Luis Sepulveda (D) elected with 88.6% of the vote.

2018 New York State Legislature Special Elections: 37th Senate

Mamaroneck, Armonk, Yonkers

Of all the state legislative elections in New York on April 24, this is the biggest. Control of the New York State Senate hinges on the outcome of this election. Previously, the Republicans and a coalition of “Independent Democrats” controlled the chamber. Former senator George Latimer (D) is now the Westchester County Executive; he was not a member of this Democratic splinter group, but it also no longer exists. A Democratic hold in the 37th District would give their party a numerical majority.

Julia Killian, the 2016 candidate, is running again, and Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer is the Democratic nominee. The Democrats will be favored in blue Westchester, though there were several close calls in this district in recent elections.

SD-37 Results: DEMOCRATIC HOLD, Shelley Mayer (D) elected with 57.3% of the vote.

2018 New York State Legislature Special Elections: 5th Assembly

Centerach, Ronkonkoma, Holbrook

As for the New York State Assembly, even if the Republicans gained seats, it wouldn’t make a difference as the Democrats own a veto-proof majority. The 5th Assembly District out on Long Island is one the GOP hopes to defend. Alfred Graf (R) is now a judge, and the Republicans will attempt to hold his seat. The GOP has won this seat big in the last several runs; Graf pulled 64 percent in 2016.

AD-5 Results: REPUBLICAN HOLD, Douglas Smith (R) elected with 63.1% of the vote.

2018 New York State Legislature Special Elections: 10th Assembly

Huntington, Melville, Dix Hills

Another Long Island seat, and another Republican vacancy. Chad Lupinacci became Huntington’s town supervisor several months ago, leaving the GOP to defend this one as well. Lupinacci took 59 percent in 2016 in his re-election campaign. This is located in the middle of a D+1 congressional district, however the 10th AD is in the more Republican-leaning Suffolk County portion.

AD-10 Results: DEMOCRATIC GAIN, Steve Stern (D) elected with 59.1% of the vote.

2018 New York State Legislature Special Elections: 17th Assembly

East Meadow, Levittown, Massapequa

A third Republican vacancy was opened by the resignation of Tom McKevitt to become a Nassau County legislator. The GOP runs well in this district, as McKevitt commanded big majorities in most of his re-election campaigns.

AD-17 Results: REPUBLICAN HOLD, John Mikulin (R) elected with 63.3% of the vote.

2018 New York State Legislature Special Elections: 39th Assembly

Elmhurst, Corona

Democrats will have no problem holding onto this Queens seat, last represented by Francisco Moya (D). This is because the Democrats are the only party in the running. That sure makes it easy.

AD-37 Results: DEMOCRATIC HOLD, Ari Espinal (D) elected unopposed.

2018 New York State Legislature Special Elections: 74th Assembly

East Village, Gramercy Park

The Lower East Side and East Village have an opening as Brian Kavanagh (D) resigned. Kavanagh became a state senator, and his party will easily retain this district. 20 percent would be a good night for the Republicans here.

AD-74 Results: DEMOCRATIC HOLD, Harvey Epstein (D) elected with 90.3% of the vote.

2018 New York State Legislature Special Elections: 80th Assembly

Allerton, Morris Park, Pelham Gardens

The Bronx is as blue as any county in America, and just like the 32nd District in the Senate will stay Democratic, so will the 80th AD. Mark Gjonaj (D) was elected to the City Council, and his likely successor is fellow Democrat Nathalia Fernandez.

AD-80 Results: DEMOCRATIC HOLD, Nathalia Fernandez (D) elected with 81.2% of the vote.

2018 New York State Legislature Special Elections: 102nd Assembly

Saugerties, Cobleskill, Stockport

Moving further upstate, this mid and upper Hudson Valley seat takes in the northern reaches of the Catskills and the areas southwest of Albany. Peter Lopez (R) formerly held the seat. Donald Trump easily won the counties in this district, but as we have seen in other specials, that doesn’t necessarily matter.

AD-102 Results: REPUBLICAN HOLD, Chris Tague (R) elected with 45.9% of the vote.

2018 New York State Legislature Special Elections: 107th Assembly

Hoosick Falls, East Greenbush, Chatham, Troy

We swing back east of the Hudson to capture areas east of Albany from Columbia County up into Washington County. Republicans previously held this seat with Steve McLaughlin, now the Rensselaer County Executive. The GOP should be the favorite here, as heavily Democratic Troy is partially edited out of this district. Not all of McLaughlin’s runs were dominant, however.

AD-107 Results: REPUBLICAN HOLD, Jake Ashby (R) elected with 50.8% of the vote.

2018 New York State Legislature Special Elections: 142nd Assembly

Orchard Park, West Seneca, Buffalo

Democrats held the 142nd AD with Mickey Kearns (D), but New York is one of those states where you could be endorsed by multiple parties. Kearns was in the Democratic caucus in Albany, but was also the Republican candidate. He is now the Erie County clerk — elected as a Republican. Got all that?

Buffalo is a Democratic anchor in the region, even though Erie County does have flirtations with the Republicans.

AD-142 Results: REPUBLICAN GAIN, Erik Bohen (R) elected with 52.3% of the vote.

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