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2019 India Election Results: BJP Strengthens Grip on Power

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2019 India Election Results

Playing out as expected, the 2019 India election results were a boon to the governing BJP and their alliance.

That incumbent prime minister Narendra Modi and his party finished first is no surprise, but that his alliance, the NDA, increased seat share by as much as they did defied many opinion polls, including even some exit polls. In understating NDA support, many surveys of the Indian voting public overestimated the UPA, the left-leaning alliance at which the Indian National Congress is central.

This election was deployed across the country in seven phases. The first constituencies voted on the 11th of April while the last cast their ballots on the 19th of May. The results were counted and declared on the 23rd of May. It is believed that upwards of 600 million Indians voted in the 2019 elections.

Across the country in many states, the BJP and parliamentary partners acquitted themselves well. How well, you ask? View the results below.

2019 India Election Results: Overall

2019 India Election Results - Lok Sabha Seats

Discounting their right-leaning NDA alliance, the BJP won enough seats to hold a comfortable outright majority. They also did so in 2014, their first victory under Modi, however the BJP could govern alone by a much more narrow margin. Were the BJP to govern alone in India following the 2019 election, they would have a Lok Sabha majority of 63. Adding in the rest of the NDA, their majority balloons to over 160 seats, giving them firm control of the parliamentary agenda.

As for the UPA and Indian National Congress, they also gained seats at the expense of unaligned minor parties. While the INC gained just a handful, the UPA jumped by 31, 15 more than the NDA as a whole. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi won election in Wayanad but lost in Amethi by over 55,000 votes; the latter defeat unseated the Gandhi dynasty who represented that seat for 20 years (and beyond if one counts Sanjay and Rajiv Gandhi).

2019 India Election Results: State Results

The following are the number of seats won by the respective alliances in each state.1

Andaman & Nicobar Islands: UPA 1.

Andhra Pradesh: Federal Front 22, Others 3.

Arunachal Pradesh: NDA 2.

Assam: NDA 9, UPA 3, Others 2.

Bihar: NDA 39, UPA 1.

Chandigarh: NDA 1.

Chhattisgarh: NDA 9, UPA 2.

Dadra & Nagar Haveli: Others 1.

Daman & Diu: NDA 1.

Goa: NDA 1, UPA 1.

Gujarat: NDA 26.

Haryana: NDA 10.

Himachal Pradesh: NDA 4.

Jammu & Kashmir: NDA 3, UPA 3.

Jharkhand: NDA 12, UPA 2.

Karnataka: NDA 25, UPA 2, Others 1.

Kerala: UPA 19, Left Front 1.

Lakshadweep: UPA 1.

Madhya Pradesh: NDA 28, UPA 1.

Maharashtra: NDA 41, UPA 5, Federal Front 1, Others 1

Manipur: NDA 1, UPA 1.

Meghalaya: NDA 1, UPA 1.

Mizoram: Others 1.

Nagaland: NDA 1.

National Capital Territory of Delhi: NDA 7.

Odisha: Federal Front 12, NDA 8, UPA 1.

Puducherry: UPA 1.

Punjab: UPA 8, NDA 4, Others 1.

Rajasthan: NDA 25.

Sikkim: Others 1.

Tamil Nadu: UPA 33, Left Front 4, NDA 1.

Telangana: Federal Front 10, NDA 4, UPA 3.

Tripura: NDA 2.

Uttar Pradesh: NDA 64, Mahagathbandhan 15, UPA 1.

Uttarakhand: NDA 5.

West Bengal: Federal Front 22, NDA 18, UPA 2.

2019 India Election Results: The Bottom Line

Narendra Modi will get another five years to shape his course for India. Based on the 2019 election results, and let’s face it, that’s a big sample size, he’s popular and he has another clear mandate. In fact, this mandate is clearer than the first one.

Consider how Congress and the UPA did in some of India’s biggest states, notably Uttar Pradesh. Out of 80 seats there, Congress managed just one. In Bihar, the UPA took one out of 40 seats. Gujarat was a clean sweep of all 26 seats for the NDA. Do you see where we are going with this?

Nobody expected the UPA to win or for Rahul Gandhi to become prime minister. Some did, however, think the UPA would put a bigger number on the scoreboard. That they did not will only embolden the BJP and allies to continue enacting their agenda.


1: “General Election to Lok Sabha Trends & Result 2019” (Election Commission of India, web site, accessed 27 May 2019)

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