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2019 Mississippi State Legislature Election Results: All Races

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Mississippi State Legislature Elections 2019

This is your look at the 2019 Mississippi state legislature election, with races all over the state.

Mississippi is one of the old Dixieland states that voted true blue for decades from Reconstruction until the modern era. Within the last 20 years, however, the political architecture of the Magnolia State has done a 180. What used to be a reliable Democratic state is now the other way, electing Republicans at almost every level of government.

The Mississippi state legislature is dominated by Republicans, with little chance the Democrats will score an upset in 2019. Individual upsets, perhaps, but flipping either house of the legislature is out of the question. This is in spite of the fact that the Democrats are competitive in the governor’s race, looking for their first win in 20 years.

We have every State Senate and House of Representatives seat listed below with its current representative. Seats are arranged into eight regions as follows:

  • Northwest Mississippi
  • Northeast Mississippi
  • Delta
  • Capital Region
  • East Central Mississippi
  • Southwest Mississippi
  • Pine Belt
  • Gulf Coast

You can also check out state legislative elections happening in 2019 in Virginia and Louisiana.

2019 Mississippi State Legislature Election Results: Senate

Mississippi Senate 2019 Election Results

Republicans retain control of the Mississippi State Senate. They are up four seats from the prior (2015) election, now holding a two-thirds majority in the upper house.

Northwest Mississippi

2019 Mississippi State Senate Elections - Northwest pre-election

1st District: Hernando, Walls
Chris Massey (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
2nd District: Southaven, Horn Lake
David Parker (R)
Rep Hold (60% – 40%)
9th District: Oxford, Batesville
Gray Tollison (R)
Rep Hold (58% – 42%)
10th District: Senatobia, Holly Springs, Coldwater
Neil Whaley (R)
Rep Hold (58% – 42%)
19th District: Olive Branch, Byhalia
Kevin Blackwell (R)
Rep Hold (64% – 36%)

Northeast Mississippi

2019 Mississippi State Senate Elections - Northeast pre-election

3rd District: New Albany, Pontotoc, Ashland
Nickey Browning (R)
Rep Hold (75% – 25%)
4th District: Corinth, Ripley, Falkner
Rita Potts Parks (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
5th District: Iuka, Booneville, Fulton
JP Wilemon (D)
Rep GAIN from Dem (72% – 28%)
6th District: Tupelo (part), Saltillo, Guntown
Chad McMahan (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
7th District: Tupelo (part), Amory, Aberdeen
Hob Bryan (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
8th District: Water Valley, Houston, Okolona
Russell Jolly (D)
Rep GAIN from Dem (58% – 42%)


2019 Mississippi State Senate Elections - Delta pre-election

11th District: Clarksdale, Robinsonville, Marks
Robert Jackson (D)
Dem Hold (74% – 26%)
12th District: Greenville, Rosedale, Friars Point
Derrick Simmons (D)
Dem Hold (81% – 19%)
13th District: Longshot, Cleveland, Ruleville
Willie Simmons (D)
Dem Hold (65% – 35%)
14th District: Oakland, Winona, Vaiden
Lydia Graves Chassaniol (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
22nd District: Hollandale, Holly Bluff, Indianola
Eugene Clarke (R)
Dem GAIN from Rep (52% – 48%)
23rd District: Vicksburg, Yazoo City, Mayersville
Briggs Hopson (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
24th District: Greenwood, Grenada, Tchula
David Jordan (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)

East Central Mississippi

2019 Mississippi State Senate Elections - East Central pre-election

15th District: Starkville (part), Eupora, Ackerman
Gary Jackson (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
16th District: Starkville (part), West Point, Brooksville
Angela Turner-Ford (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
17th District: Columbus (part), Lackey
Charles Younger (R)
Rep Hold (66% – 31%)
18th District: Philadelphia, Choctaw
Jenifer Branning (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
31st District: Newton, Forest, Morton
Terry Burton (R)
Rep Hold (68% – 32%)
32nd District: Meridian, Louisville (part), Scooba
Sampson Jackson (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
33rd District: Wolf Springs, Quitman, De Soto
Vacant – Previously Republican
Rep Win (Unopposed)

Capital Region

2019 Mississippi State Senate Elections - Capital Region pre-election

20th District: Flowood, Sand Hill, Pelahatchie
Josh Harkins (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
21st District: Canton, Kosciusko, Pickens
Barbara Blackmon (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
25th District: Jackson (part), Madison, Ridgeland (part)
Walter Michael (R)
Rep Hold (72% – 28%)
26th District: Jackson (part), Ridgeland (part), Edwards
John Horhn (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
27th District: Jackson (part), Clinton (part)
Hillman Frazier (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
28th District: Jackson (part), Clinton (part)
Sollie Norwood (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
29th District: Jackson (part), Byram
David Blount (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
30th District: Pearl, Richland, Brandon
Dean Kirby (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
35th District: Florence, Mendenhall, Magee
Chris Caughman (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
36th District: Hazlehurst, Lorman, Crystal Springs
Albert Butler (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)

Pine Belt

2019 Mississippi State Senate Elections - Pine Belt pre-election

34th District: Hattiesburg (part), Laurel, Paulding
Juan Barnett (D)
Dem Hold (60% – 40%)
40th District: Columbia, Carriere, Sandy Hook
Angela Burks Hill (R)
Rep Hold (77% – 23%)
41st District: Collins, Sanford, Raleigh
Joey Fillingane (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
42nd District: Moselle, Ellisville, Sandersville
Chris McDaniel (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
43rd District: Waynesboro, Lucedale, Leakesville
Dennis DeBar (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
44th District: Purvis, Lumberton, Oak Grove
John Polk (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
45th District: Hattiesburg (part), New Augusta, Brooklyn
Billy Hudson (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)

Southwest Mississippi

2019 Mississippi State Senate Elections - Southwest pre-election

37th District: Natchez (part), Meadville, McCall Creek
Vacant – Previously Democratic
Rep GAIN from Dem (59% – 41%)
38th District: McComb, Centreville, Natchez (part)
Tammy Witherspoon (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
39th District: Brookhaven, Tylertown, Monticello
Sally Doty (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)

Gulf Coast

2019 Mississippi State Senate Elections - Gulf Coast pre-election

46th District: Diamondhead, Waveland, Bay St. Louis
Philip Moran (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
47th District: Poplarville, Perkinston, St. Martin
Joseph Seymour (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
48th District: Pass Christian, Gulfport (part), Long Beach
Deborah Dawkins (D)
Rep GAIN from Dem (52% – 48%)
49th District: Gulfport (part), Mississippi City, Lyman
Joel Carter (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
50th District: Biloxi, Saucier
Vacant – Previously Republican
Rep Win (51% – 49%)
51st District: Vancleave, Moss Point
Michael Watson (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
52nd District: Pascagoula, Ocean Springs, Gulf Park Estates
Brice Wiggins (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)

2019 Mississippi State Legislature Election Results: House of Representatives

Mississippi House of Representatives 2019 Election Results

Republicans continue as the majority party in the Mississippi House. They won 75 seats to the Democrats’ 46, with one independent. Both parties made modest gains while many races were uncontested.

Northwest Mississippi

2019 Mississippi State House Elections - Northwest pre-election

5th District: Holly Springs, Chulahoma
John Gary Faulkner (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
6th District: Olive Branch (part)
Dana Criswell (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
7th District: Southaven (part)
Steve Hopkins (R)
Rep Hold (66% – 34%)
8th District: Coldwater, Senatobia (part), Blackwater
Trey Lamar (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
9th District: Robinsonville, Lula, Marks
Cedric Burnett (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
10th District: Sardis, Batesville, Taylor
Nolan Mettetal (R)
Rep Hold (47% – 26% Ind)
11th District: Senatobia (part), Como
Lataisha Jackson (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
12th District: Oxford (part), Alesville
Jay Hughes (D)
Rep GAIN from Dem (51% – 49%)
13th District: Oxford (part), Potts Camp
Steve Massengill (R)
Rep Hold (69% – 31%)
24th District: Southaven (part)
Jeff Hale (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
25th District: Walls, Lynchburg
Dan Eubanks (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
28th District: Hernando, Lewisburg
Robert Foster (R)
Rep Hold (85% – 15%)
40th District: Horn Lake
Ashley Henley (R)
Dem GAIN from Rep (50% – 50%)
52nd District: Olive Branch (part), Cayce
Bill Kincade (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)

Northeast Mississippi

2019 Mississippi State House Elections - Northeast pre-election

1st District: Iuka, Burnsville, Farmington
Lester Carpenter (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
2nd District: Corinth, Kossuth
Nick Bain (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
3rd District: Booneville, Rienzi, New Site
William Arnold (R)
Rep Hold (69% – 31%)
4th District: Falkner, Walnut, Ripley
Jody Steverson (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
14th District: New Albany, Center
Margaret Rogers (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
15th District: Pontotoc, Algoma, Thaxton
Mac Huddleston (R)
Rep Hold (74% – 26%)
16th District: Tupelo (part), Verona, Shannon
Steve Holland (I)
Dem GAIN from Ind (52% – 48% Ind)
17th District: Tupelo (part), Chesterville
Shane Aguirre (R)
Rep Hold (62% – 38%)
18th District: Tupelo (part), Saltillo, Baldwyn
Jerry Turner (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
19th District: Tupelo (part), Mooreville, Mantachie
Randy Boyd (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
20th District: Nettleton, Amory, Becker
Chris Brown (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
21st District: Fulton, Belmont, Tishomingo
Donnie Bell (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
22nd District: Okolona, Troy, Houston
Preston Sullivan (D)
Dem Hold (54% – 46%)
23rd District: Grenada (part), Calhoun City, Bruce
Jim Beckett (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)


2019 Mississippi State House Elections - Delta pre-election

26th District: Clarksdale
Orlando Paden (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
29th District: Cleveland (part), Merigold, Rosedale
Abe Marshall Hudson (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
30th District: Cleveland (part), Ruleville, Tutwiler
Tracey Rosebud (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
31st District: Indianola, Leland, Sunflower
Otis Anthony (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
32nd District: Greenwood
Solomon Osborne (D)
Dem Hold (65% – 23% Ind)
33rd District: Water Valley, Scobey, Grenada (part)
Thomas Reynolds (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
34th District: Grenada (part), Minter City, Keirn
Kevin Horan (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
46th District: Winona, Carrollton, Duck Hill
Karl Oliver (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
47th District: Benton, Eden, Richland
Bryant Clark (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
49th District: Greenville (part)
Willie Bailey (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
50th District: Greenville (part), Lamont, Hampton
John Hines (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
51st District: Belzoni, Yazoo City, Rolling Fork
Rufus Straughter (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
54th District: Elleslie, Satartia, Bovina
Kevin Ford (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
55th District: Vicksburg, Eagle Bend
Oscar Denton (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)

Capital Region

2019 Mississippi State House Elections - Capital Region pre-election

27th District: Kosciusko (part) , Carthage, Vaughan
Kenneth Walker (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
56th District: Clinton (part), Flora
Philip Gunn (R)
Rep Hold (64% – 36%)
57th District: Canton, Gluckstadt
Edward Blackmon (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
58th District: Madison (part), Ridgeland (part)
Joel Bomgar (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
59th District: Flowood (part), Audubon Point
Brent Powell (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
60th District: Brandon (part)
Fred Shanks (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
61st District: Pearl (part)
Ray Rogers (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
62nd District: Richland, Florence, Star
Tom Weathersby (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
63rd District: Raymond (part), Bolton, Utica
Deborah Butler Dixon (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
64th District: Jackson (part), Ridgeland (part)
Bill Denny (R)
Dem GAIN from Rep (51% – 49%)
65th District: Jackson (part)
Christopher Bell (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
66th District: Jackson (part)
Jarvis Dortch (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
67th District: Jackson (part)
Earle Banks (D)
Dem Hold (88% – 12% Ind)
68th District: Jackson (part), Byram (part), Pearl (part)
Credell Calhoun (D)
Dem Hold (75% – 25%)
69th District: Jackson (part), Clinton (part), Raymond (part)
Alyce Clarke (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
70th District: Jackson (part)
Kathy Sykes (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
71st District: Jackson (part), Byram (part)
Ronnie Crudup (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
72nd District: Jackson (part), Ridgeland (part), Clinton (part)
Debra Gibbs (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
73rd District: Jackson (part), Ridgeland (part), Madison (part)
Vacant – Previously Republican
Rep Win (74% – 26%)
74th District: Jackson (part), Flowood (part), Brandon (part)
Mark Baker (R)
Rep Hold (77% – 23%)
75th District: Pelahatchie, Morton, Forest
Tom Miles (D)
Dem Hold (56% – 44%)
77th District: Puckett, Mendenhall, Magee
Price Wallace (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)

East Central Mississippi

2019 Mississippi State House Elections - East Central pre-election

35th District: Louisville (part), Ackerman, Mathiston
Joey Hood (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
36th District: Aberdeen, West Point (part), Muldon
Karl Gibbs (D)
Dem Hold (78% – 22% Ind)
37th District: New Hope, West Point (part)
Gary Chism (R)
Rep Hold (78% – 22% Lbt)
38th District: Starkville (part), West Point (part)
Cheikh Taylor (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
39th District: Greenwood Springs, Caledonia, Columbus (part)
Jeffrey Smith (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
41st District: Columbus (part)
Kabir Karriem (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
42nd District: Louisville (part), Macon
Carl Mickens (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
43rd District: Starkville (part), Sturgis
Rob Roberson (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
44th District: Philadelphia (part), Pearl River
Scott Bounds (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
45th District: Philadelphia (part), Meridian (part), Scooba
Michael Evans (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
48th District: Kosciusko (part), Vaiden, Marydell
Jason White (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
78th District: Lena, Conehatta, Decatur
Randy Rushing (R)
Rep Hold (59% – 41%)

Southwest Mississippi

2019 Mississippi State House Elections - Southwest pre-election

53rd District: Bogue Chitto, Brookhaven (part), McCall Creek
Vince Mangold (R)
Rep Hold (66% – 34%)
76th District: Crystal Springs, Hazlehurst, Wesson (part)
Gregory Holloway (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
85th District: Port Gibson, Alcorn, Bude
Jeffery Harness (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
92nd District: Brookhaven (part), Wesson (part)
Becky Currie (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
94th District: Natchez (part), Morgantown, Roxie
Robert Johnson (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
96th District: Natchez (part), Centreville, Liberty (part)
Angela Cockerham (I)
Ind Hold (58% – 42% Dem)
97th District: Natchez (part), McComb (part), Liberty (part)
Sam Mims (R)
Rep Hold (74% – 26%)
98th District: Summit, McComb (part), Magnolia
Vacant – Previously Democratic
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
99th District: Tylertown, Foxworth, Purvis (part)
Bill Pigott (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)

Pine Belt

2019 Mississippi State House Elections - Pine Belt pre-election

79th District: Bay Springs, Polkville, Taylorsville
Mark Tullos (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
80th District: Laurel (part), Sandersville, Pachuta
Omeria Scott (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
81st District: Meridian (part), Nellieburg, Toomsuba
Stephen Horne (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
82nd District: Meridian (part)
Charles Young (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
83rd District: Meridian (part), Collinsville (part), Meridian Station
Greg Snowden (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
84th District: Quitman, Enterprise, Newton
William Shirley (R)
Rep Hold (66% – 34% Ind)
86th District: Waynesboro, Buckatunna, State Line
Shane Barnett (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
87th District: Hattiesburg (part), West Hattiesburg (part)
Chris Johnson (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
88th District: Laurel (part), Soso, Ellisville (part)
Gary Staples (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
89th District: Laurel (part), Sharon, Ellisville (part)
Donnie Scoggin (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
90th District: Collins, Mount Olive
Noah Sanford (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
91st District: Monticello, Prentiss
Bob Evans (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
100th District: Purvis (part), Columbia
Ken Morgan (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
101st District: Hattiesburg (part), Sumrall
Kent McCarty (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
102nd District: Hattiesburg (part), Rawls Springs
Missy Warren McGee (R)
Rep Hold (64% – 36%)
103rd District: Hattiesburg (part), Glendale
Percy Watson (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
104th District: Hattiesburg (part), Petal
Larry Byrd (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
105th District: Leakesville, New Augusta, McLain
Roun McNeal (R)
Rep Hold (80% – 20%)

Gulf Coast

2019 Mississippi State House Elections - Gulf Coast pre-election

93rd District: Picayune (part), Wiggins (part)
Timmy Ladner (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
95th District: Diamondhead, Lyman, Gulfport (part)
Patricia Willis (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
106th District: Picayune (part), Poplarville, Lumberton
John Glen Corley (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
107th District: Wiggins (part), Lucedale
Doug McLeod (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
108th District: Picayune (part), Nicholson, Hide-A-Way Lake
Stacey Hobgood Wilkes (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
109th District: Vancleave (part), Wade, Hurley
Manly Barton (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
110th District: Pascagoula (part), Moss Point (part)
Jeramey Anderson (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
111th District: Moss Point (part), Pascagoula (part), Ocean Springs (part)
Charles Busby (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
112th District: Moss Point (part), Pascagoula (part), Ocean Springs (part)
John Read (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
113th District: Gulf Park Estates, Ocean Springs (part), Gulf Hills
Henry Zuber (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
114th District: Ocean Springs (part), Vancleave (part), Latimer
Jeffrey Guice (R)
Rep Hold (75% – 25% Ind)
115th District: D’Iberville (part), Biloxi (part)
Randall Patterson (R)
Rep Hold (52% – 48%)
116th District: D’Iberville (part), Biloxi (part), Saucier, Gulfport (part)
Casey Eure (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
117th District: Biloxi (part), Gulfport (part)
Scott DeLano (R)
Rep Hold (64% – 36%)
118th District: Biloxi (part), Gulfport (part), Lyman (part)
Greg Haney (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
119th District: Gulfport (part), Long Beach (part)
Sonya Williams-Barnes (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
120th District: Pass Christian (part), Long Beach (part), Gulfport (part)
Richard Bennett (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
121st District: Pass Christian (part), DeLisle, Long Beach (part), Gulfport (part)
Carolyn Crawford (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
122nd District: Pearlington, Kiln (part), Bay St, Louis (part)
David Baria (D)
Rep GAIN from Dem (68% – 32%)

Previously: Standings Prior to the 2019 Mississippi State Legislature Election

Mississippi Senate

2019 Mississippi State Senate Seats Pre-Election

Prior to the 2019 elections, the Republicans controlled an overall majority in the Mississippi State Senate. Republicans held 31 seats to the Democrats’ 18, while three seats were vacant.

Mississippi House of Representatives

2019 Mississippi State House Seats Pre-Election

Before Mississippi voted in 2019, the Republicans held the majority in the Mississippi House of Representatives. There were 74 Republicans in the chamber, 44 Democrats, and two independents. Two seats were vacant.

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