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2019 Virginia State Legislature Election Results

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Virginia State Legislature Elections 2019

Looking for the 2019 Virginia state legislature election results? You have come to the right place.

This is a critical election year for both the Republicans and Democrats in the Old Dominion. What used to be a reliable red state is now much bluer, and it has at times over the last decade felt like the blue is systematically overtaking the red. Republicans have lost the last two governor’s races and now, their last surviving bastion of control, the Virginia General Assembly, is close to toppling. Large Republican majorities eroded into narrow ones in 2017, on the same election day that Ralph Northam got elected. Now, Democrats are eyeing control of both houses in 2019 for the first time in over 20 years.

Democrats continued their winning ways in the Commonwealth of Virginia in the 2018 federal mid-term elections, gaining several US House seats. The trend favors them heading into 2019, but some parts of Virginia remain very red. Nevertheless, Democrats will be getting plenty of help1 as they feel this is their time to retake some or all of the General Assembly.

Will the Republicans fight the receding tide and keep the General Assembly, or are the Democrats primed for a takeover? Below, we go into every seat and what we identify as the commonwealth’s key seats. No formal predictions this year, but facts, sure. Legislature seats are broken down between the Virginia Senate and Virginia House of Delegates, and then further by region as follows:

  • Northern Virginia
  • Hampton Roads & Eastern Shore
  • Shenandoah Valley
  • Southwest Virginia
  • Southside Virginia
  • Central Virginia & Richmond

2019 Virginia State Legislature Election Results: Senate

Virginia State Senate 2019 Election Results

The Democrats have gained control of the Virginia Senate, overturning a 21-19 Republican majority.

Northern Virginia

2019 Virginia State Legislature Elections - Senate Pre-Elex Northern Virginia

13th District: Purcellville, Ashburn, Gainesville
Dick Black (R)
Dem GAIN from Rep (54.25% – 45.64%)
27th District: Warrenton, Winchester
Jill Holtzman Vogel (R)
Rep Hold (64.21% – 35.69%)
28th District: Bristow, Stafford, Colonial Beach
Richard Stuart (R)
Rep Hold (57.44% – 42.44%)
29th District: Manassas, Dale City
Jeremy McPike (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
30th District: Arlington (part), Alexandria (part), Mount Vernon
Adam Ebbin (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
31st District: Arlington (part), McLean (part), Lowes Island
Barbara Favola (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
32nd District: Arlington (part), Tysons, Reston (part), Chantilly (part)
Janet Howell (D)
Dem Hold (73.57% – 26.24%)
33rd District: Leesburg, Sterling, Herndon, Chantilly (part)
Jennifer Boysko (D) (special election win)
Dem Hold (64.90% – 35.00%)
34th District: Vienna, Fairfax, Kings Park West
Chap Petersen (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
35th District: Falls Church, Lincolnia, Springfield (part)
Dick Saslaw (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
36th District: Hybia Valley, Woodbridge, Dumfries
Scott Surovell (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
37th District: Centreville (part), Burke, Annandale (part)
Dave Marsden (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
39th District: Clifton, Springfield (part), Alexandria (part)
George Baker (D)
Dem Hold (65.79% – 34.08%)

Hampton Roads & Eastern Shore

2019 Virginia State Legislature Elections - Senate Pre-Elex Hampton Roads

1st District: Williamsburg, Newport News (part), Chesapeake (part)
Monty Mason (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
2nd District: Hampton (part), Newport News (part), Portsmouth (part)
Mamie Locke (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
3rd District: Suffolk (part), Smithfield, New Kent, Aylett
Tommy Norment (R)
Rep Hold (61.57% – 38.10%)
5th District: Norfolk (part), Portsmouth (part), Chesapeake (part)
Lionell Spruill (D)
Dem Hold (78.19% – 20.69%)
6th District: Norfolk (part), Eastern Shore, Mathews
Lynwood Lewis (D)
Dem Hold (59.60% – 40.24%)
7th District: Virginia Beach (part), Norfolk (part)
Frank Wagner (R)
Rep Hold (50.36% – 49.49%)
8th District: Virginia Beach (part)
Bill DeSteph (R)
Rep Hold (52.11% – 47.75%)
14th District: Chesapeake (part), Virginia Beach (part), Portsmouth (part)
John Cosgrove (R)
Rep Hold (60.13% – 39.64%)
18th District: Suffolk (part), Franklin (part), Emporia, Chesapeake (part)
Louise Lucas (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)

Shenandoah Valley

2019 Virginia State Legislature Elections - Senate Pre-Elex Shenandoah Valley

23rd District: Lynchburg (part), Bedford, New Castle
Steve Newman (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
24th District: Staunton, Waynesboro, Elkton
Emmett Hanger (R)
Rep Hold (71.03% – 28.37%)
25th District: Charlottesville, Covington, Buena Vista
Creigh Deeds (D)
Dem Hold (67.48% – 32.15%)
26th District: Harrisonburg, Front Royal, Luray
Mark Obenshain (R)
Rep Hold (64.89% – 34.98%)

Southwest Virginia

2019 Virginia State Legislature Elections - Senate Pre-Elex Southwest Virginia

19th District: Salem, Vinton, Wytheville (part)
David Suetterlein (R)
Rep Hold (71.43% – 28.49%)
21st District: Roanoke, Cave Spring, Blacksburg
John Edwards (D)
Dem Hold (65.47% – 33.81% Ind)
38th District: Norton, Lebanon, Tazewell
Ben Chafin (R)
Rep Hold (63.53% – 35.37% Ind)
40th District: Bristol, Abingdon, Wise
Bill Carrico (R)
Rep Hold (76.34% – 23.35% Ind)

Southside Virginia

2019 Virginia State Legislature Elections - Senate Pre-Elex Southside

11th District: Midlothian (part), Chesterfield, Amelia, Colonial Heights
Amanda Chase (R)
Rep Hold (55.14% – 44.80%)
15th District: Clarksville, Crewe, Prince George
Frank Ruff (R)
Rep Hold (68.26% – 31.57%)
20th District: Galax, Stuart, Martinsville
Bill Stanley (R)
Rep Hold (70.52% – 29.03%)
22nd District: Appomattox, Farmville, Columbia
Mark Peake (R)
Rep Hold (62.76% – 37.12%)

Central Virginia & Richmond

2019 Virginia State Legislature Elections - Senate Pre-Elex Central Virginia-Richmond

4th District: Mechanicsville, Caroline, Northumberland
Ryan McDougle (R)
Rep Hold (63.02% – 36.74%)
9th District: Richmond (part), Ashland, Charles City
Jennifer McClellan (D)
Dem Hold (80.18% – 18.90% Lbt)
10th District: Richmond (part), Bon Air, Midlothian (part), Powhatan
Glen Sturtevant (R)
Dem GAIN from Rep (54.31% – 45.63%)
12th District: Lakeside, Glen Allen (part), Short Pump
Siobhan Dunnavant (R)
Rep Hold (50.76% – 49.05%)
16th District: Richmond (part), Hopewell, Petersburg
Rosalyn Dance (D)
Dem Hold (64.24% – 34.35% Ind)
17th District: Fredericksburg, Louisa, Orange, Culpeper
Bryce Reeves (R)
Rep Hold (51.58% – 48.11%)

2019 Virginia State Legislature Election Results: House of Delegates

Virginia House of Delegates 2019 Election Results

Democrats have won an overall majority in the Virginia House of Delegates, gaining control of the chamber. Republicans held a 51-49 majority prior to the election.

Northern Virginia

2019 Virginia State Legislature Elections - House Pre-Elex Northern Virginia

2nd District: Woodbridge (part), Quantico, Moores Corner
Jennifer Carroll Foy (D)
Dem Hold (60.91% – 38.97%)
10th District: Leesburg, Middleburg, Boyce
Wendy Gooditis (D)
Dem Hold (52.41% – 47.53%)
13th District: Haymarket, Bull Run, Manassas Park
Danica Roem (D)
Dem Hold (55.91% – 43.89%)
18th District: Warrenton, Sperryville
Michael Webert (R)
Rep Hold (60.31% – 38.86%)
28th District: Fredericksburg (part), Aquia Harbor
Bob Thomas (R)
Dem GAIN from Rep (51.82% – 47.79%)
29th District: Winchester, Gainesboro, Middletown
Christopher Collins (R)
Rep Hold (64.39% – 35.54%)
30th District: Culpeper (part), Madison, Gordonsville
Nick Freitas (R)
Rep Hold (57.89% – 42.11%)
31st District: Broken Hill, Catlett, Montclair
Elizabeth Guzman (D)
Dem Hold (52.64% – 47.21%)
32nd District: Ashburn, Lansdowne, Broadlands
David Reid (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
33rd District: Frederick Heights, Purcellville, Taylorstown
David LaRock (R)
Rep Hold (56.76% – 43.14%)
34th District: McLean (part), Great Falls, Potomac Falls
Kathleen Murphy (D)
Dem Hold (58.35% – 41.57%)
35th District: Oakton, Vienna, Tysons Corner
Mark Keam (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
36th District: Reston, Hattontown
Kenneth Plum (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
37th District: Fairfax, Legato, Centreville (part)
David Bulova (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
38th District: Annandale, Lincolnia
Kaye Kory (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
39th District: Springfield, North Springfield
Vivian Watts (D)
Dem Hold (68.27% – 31.50%)
40th District: Centreville (part), Station Hills, Sudley Springs
Timothy Hugo (R)
Dem GAIN from Rep (52.33% – 47.56%)
41st District: Burke, Mantua
Eileen Filler-Corn (D)
Dem Hold (71.61% – 18.90% Ind)
42nd District: Mount Vernon, West Springfield
Kathy Tran (D)
Dem Hold (59.66% – 40.23%)
43rd District: Franconia, Newington, Lorton
Mark Sickles (D)
Dem Hold (77.80% – 20.59% Ind)
44th District: Waynewood, Groveton, Newton Woods
Paul Krizek (D)
Dem Hold (70.66% – 29.20%)
45th District: New Alexandria, Alexandria (part), Arlington (part)
Mark Levine (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
46th District: Alexandria (part)
Charniele Herring (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
47th District: Arlington (part), Buckingham, East Falls Church
Patrick Hope (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
48th District: Arlington (part), McLean (part)
Rip Sullivan (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
49th District: Arlington (part), Seven Corners
Alfonso Lopez (D)
Dem Hold (83.29% – 15.85% Ind)
50th District: Manassas
Lee Carter (D)
Dem Hold (53.25% – 46.48%)
51st District: Nokesville, Canova, Lake Ridge
Hala Ayala (D)
Dem Hold (54.58% – 45.33%)
52nd District: Woodbridge (part), Dumfries
Luke Torian (D)
Dem Hold (73.04% – 26.58%)
53rd District: Falls Church, Pimmit Hills, Strathmeade Springs
Marcus Simon (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
54th District: Fredericksburg (part), Spotsylvania Courthouse, Guinea
Robert Orrock (R)
Rep Hold (57.95% – 41.93%)
67th District: Chantilly (part), Greenbriar
Karrie Delaney (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
86th District: Herndon, Chantilly (part)
Ibraheem Samirah (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
87th District: Sterling, South Riding, Antioch
John Bell (D)
Dem Hold (61.99% – 37.93%)
88th District: Fredericksburg (part), Morrisville
Mark Cole (R)
Rep Hold (55.67% – 44.15%)

Hampton Roads & Eastern Shore

2019 Virginia State Legislature Elections - House Pre-Elex Hampton Roads

21st District: Virginia Beach (part), Chesapeake (part)
Kelly Convirs-Fowler (D)
Dem Hold (54.54% – 45.30%)
64th District: Suffolk (part), Smithfield, Franklin (part), Prince George
Emily Brewer (R)
Rep Hold (60.12% – 39.76%)
76th District: Suffolk (part), Chesapeake (part)
Chris Jones (R)
Dem GAIN from Rep (56.33% – 43.53%)
77th District: Chesapeake (part)
Cliff Hayes (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
78th District: Chesapeake (part)
Jay Leftwich (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
79th District: Norfolk (part), Chesapeake (part), Portsmouth (part)
Steve Heretick (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
80th District: Portsmouth (part)
Vacant — Previously Democratic
Dem Win (66.01% – 23.25%)
81st District: Chesapeake (part), Virginia Beach (part)
Barry Knight (R)
Rep Hold (52.14% – 47.73%)
82nd District: Virginia Beach (part)
Jason Miyares (R)
Rep Hold (59.21% – 40.69%)
83rd District: Virginia Beach (part), Norfolk (part)
Christopher Stolle (R)
Dem GAIN from Rep (49.95% – 49.87%)
84th District: Virginia Beach (part)
Glenn Davis (R)
Rep Hold (51.16% – 48.74%)
85th District: Virginia Beach (part), Chesapeake (part)
Cheryl Turpin (D)
Dem Hold (51.64% – 48.22%)
89th District: Norfolk (part), Portsmouth (part)
Jay Jones (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
90th District: Norfolk (part)
Joe Lindsey (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
91st District: Hampton (part), Poquoson
Gordon Heisel (R)
Dem GAIN from Rep (54.72% – 45.02%)
92nd District: Hampton (part)
Jeion Ward (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
93rd District: Williamsburg, Jamestown, Newport News (part)
Michael Mullin (D)
Dem Hold (55.65% – 44.25%)
94th District: Newport News (part)
David Yancey (R)
Dem GAIN from Rep (57.70% – 40.29%)
95th District: Newport News (part)
Cia Price (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
96th District: Yorktown, Toano
Brenda Pogge (R)
Rep Hold (52.51% – 46.32%)
100th District: Eastern Shore, Tangier, Norfolk (part)
Rob Bloxom (R)
Rep Hold (51.91% – 48.03%)

Shenandoah Valley

2019 Virginia State Legislature Elections - House Pre-Elex Shenandoah

15th District: New Market, Strasburg, Luray
Todd Gilbert (R)
Rep Hold (74.36% – 25.52%)
20th District: Monterey, Staunton, Waynesboro
Richard Bell (R)
Rep Hold (58.48% – 41.36%)
24th District: Amherst, Buena Vista, Stuarts Draft
Ronnie Campbell (R)
Rep Hold (66.03% – 32.63%)
25th District: Bridgewater, Crimora, Crozet
Steven Landes (R)
Rep Hold (58.13% – 39.97%)
26th District: Harrisonburg, Timberville
Tony Wilt (R)
Rep Hold (53.98% – 45.85%)

Southwest Virginia

2019 Virginia State Legislature Elections - House Pre-Elex Southwest Virginia

1st District: Norton, Gate City, Rose Hill
Terry Kilgore (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
3rd District: Tazewell, Richlands
Will Morefield (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
4th District: Abingdon, Lebanon, Saint Paul
Todd Pillion (R)
Rep Hold (62.91% – 37.00%)
5th District: Bristol, Galax, Chilhowie
Israel O’Quinn (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
6th District: Marion, Wytheville, Hillsville
Jeffrey Campbell (R)
Rep Hold (76.86% – 23.00%)
7th District: Blacksburg (part), Pulaski, Floyd
Nick Rush (R)
Rep Hold (66.76% – 33.18%)
8th District: Salem (part), Christiansburg, New Castle
Joe McNamara (R)
Rep Hold (66.39% – 33.52%)
9th District: Rocky Mount, Patrick Springs
Charles Poindexter (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
11th District: Roanoke (part)
Sam Rasoul (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
12th District: Blacksburg (part), Pearlsburg, Radford
Chris Hurst (D)
Dem Hold (53.56% – 46.39%)
17th District: Roanoke (part), Salem (part), Hollins
Christopher Head (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
19th District: Covington, Clinton Forge, Bedford, Blue Ridge
Terry Austin (R)
Rep Hold (Unopposed)
22nd District: Lynchburg, Huddleston, Red Valley
Kathy Byron (R)
Rep Hold (68.91% – 30.94%)

Southside Virginia

2019 Virginia State Legislature Elections - House Pre-Elex Southside

14th District: Danville, Ridgeway, Lima
Danny Marshall (R)
Rep Hold (61.26% – 38.61%)
16th District: Gretna, Martinsville, Hopewell
Les Adams (R)
Rep Hold (74.56% — 24.97%)
27th District: Bon Air (part), Midlothian (part)
Roxann Robinson (R)
Rep Hold (50.31% – 49.68%)
60th District: South Boston, Brookneal, Farmville
James Edmunds (R)
Rep Hold (66.24% – 33.63%)
61st District: Cumberland, Burkeville, Clarksville
Thomas Wright (R)
Rep Hold (66.77% – 33.08%)
62nd District: Hopewell, Chester, Windsor Hills
Riley Ingram (R)
Rep Hold (55.17% – 44.79%)
63rd District: Petersburg, Winterpock, Dinwiddie
Lashrecse Aird (D)
Dem Hold (55.40% – 44.12% Ind)
66th District: Colonial Heights, Chesterfield, Richmond (part)
Kirk Cox (R)
Rep Hold (51.71% – 47.05%)
75th District: Waverly, Emporia, Franklin (part), Alberta
Roslyn Tyler (D)
Dem Hold (51.00% – 48.90%)

Central Virginia & Richmond

2019 Virginia State Legislature Elections - House Pre-Elex Central Virginia Richmond

23rd District: Peakland, Centerville, Coleman Falls
Scott Garrett (R)
Rep Hold (63.84% – 35.91%)
55th District: Ashland, Ladysmith, Partlow
Buddy Fowler (R)
Rep Hold (60.07% – 39.81%)
56th District: Louisa, Crozier, Wyndham
John McGuire (R)
Rep Hold (60.99% – 38.91%)
57th District: Charlottesville
David Toscano (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
58th District: Elkton, Milton, Scottsville
Robert Bell (R)
Rep Hold (62.47% – 37.45%)
59th District: Covesville, Mt. Rush, Appomattox
Matthew Fariss (R)
Rep Hold (63.22% – 36.68%)
65th District: Columbia, Powhatan, Midlothian (part)
Lee Ware (R)
Rep Hold (65.07% – 34.89%)
68th District: Richmond (part), Midlothian (part)
Dawn Adams (D)
Dem Hold (55.24% – 44.71%)
69th District: Richmond (part)
Betsy Carr (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
70th District: Richmond (part), Montrose, Bellwood, Charles City
Delores Quinn (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
71st District: Richmond (part)
Jeffrey Bourne (D)
Dem Hold (88.23% – 11.45% Lbt)
72nd District: Glen Allen (part), Laurel, Lorraine
Schuyler VanValkenburg (D)
Dem Hold (53.25% – 46.64%)
73rd District: Tuckahoe, Glen Allen (part), Westbriar
Debra Rodman (D)
Dem Hold (52.27% – 47.60%)
74th District: Richmond (part), Sandston, Chamberlayne
Lamont Bagby (D)
Dem Hold (Unopposed)
97th District: Mechanicsville, Manquin, New Kent
Christopher Peace (R)
Rep Hold (55.75% – 26.58%)
98th District: Tappahannock, West Point, Gloucester Point
Keith Hodges (R)
Rep Hold (68.93% – 30.94%)
99th District: Kilmarnock, Owens, Port Royal
Margaret Ransone (R)
Rep Hold (62.43% – 37.50%)

2015-17 Virginia State Legislature Election Results

Virginia Senate (2015)

Virginia Senate composition pre 2019 election

Republicans maintained control of the Senate, holding steady on 21 seats out of 40. The Democrats hold 19. Ties are broken by the lieutenant governor, who is president of the Senate. Justin Fairfax, a Democrat, would break a 20-20 tie should one occur in the next election.

Senate terms are four years, all elected at once. The next Senate elections will occur in 2023.

Virginia House of Delegates (2017)

Virginia House composition pre 2019 election

Virginia’s House of Delegates last voted in 2017, with terms renewable every two years. Republicans hold a 51-49 majority in the chamber, having lost 15 seats in the 2017 election. Democrats have been out of power in the House of Delegates since 2000.


1: “PAC to spend $500,000 to help Democrats running for Virginia House” (by Laura Vozzella, Washington Post website, published 10 September 2019, accessed 6 October 2019)

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