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2020 Alaska House Race: Predictions and More

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There’s a lot of territory to cover in the 2020 Alaska House race. We mean that in the literal sense. Alaska is the largest state in the union, by far, but all of that vast expanse is only represented in the United States House of Representatives by one person.

In fact, for almost 50 years, it’s been the same person, Don Young. He has been the state’s representative for a majority of the time that Alaska has been a state. You can imagine that these days, Young is not living up to his name, and there have been Democratic attempts over the years to dislodge him from his seat. However, obviously, none of these efforts have succeeded. In November 2020, he will attempt to be elected to the United States House for a 25th time.

The current Dean of the House is an Alaska political fixture, as well as a powerful member of Congress. Here, you can find out if we predict that he will stay in office or if 2020 will be a year of change in the 49th state.

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2020 Alaska House Race Current Prediction Summary: September 10

2020 Alaska House Race - 9-10-20 predictions

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Republican Hold - Weak Lean


SEPT 10: There is no Democrat in this race, but the independent Alyse Galvin is putting up a respectable run against Young.  There is reason to believe this could be close, therefore we no longer feel secure in having this at level two.  This race only leans Republican at this point.

MARCH 29: Not every election Young has faced has been a close call, and not every one has been a blowout. He is facing an opponent in 2020 who held him to 53 percent in 2018, a very strong Democratic year. Given that Donald Trump is the favorite in Alaska, that presidential turnout will not hurt Young. As long as he is here, Young will be the candidate to beat.

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