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2020 Pennsylvania Election Results

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2020 Pennsylvania Election Results

These are the 2020 Pennsylvania election results. Presidential race? No problem. House races? Of course.

The Keystone State was among the most hard-fought of the 2020 campaign. It was the one that put Joe Biden over the top in the 2020 presidential election. It was a vote perhaps closer than the pundits predicted, and certainly closer than the polls figured, but Pennsylvania was one of several “Blue Wall” states to flip back to the Democrats this year.

However, that does not mean this was a successful year for Pennsylvania Democrats up and down the ticket. In fact, they had a few disappointments down the ballot that will have them scratching their heads.

Your results are below.

2020 Pennsylvania Presidential Election Results

2020 Pennsylvania Presidential Election Results

Joe Biden won Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes. There were numerous legal challenges, almost all resulting in defeats for Donald Trump’s team. One such outcome saw the Third Circuit Court of Appeals threw out a request by the Trump legal team to avoid certification of the state’s election results (New York Times). As of December 5, Republicans were still trying to make things happen in the courts, with prominent GOP officials calling on the Supreme Court to hear a case on Pennsylvania’s vote-by-mail system (The Hill).

All we can do is take the results exactly as they are. They suggest Trump gained a small amount of vote share, but Biden gained more, with the president-elect just clearing 50 percent of the vote.

2020 Pennsylvania Presidential Election Results Map

Just two counties flipped from the 2016 election: Erie County and Northampton County.

According to the Pennsylvania Secretary of State, Donald Trump got 65.12 percent of the in-person vote on election day, while Joe Biden claimed 76.29 percent of the votes by mail.

Philadelphia was Joe Biden’s strongest locale in the state, taking over 81 percent of the vote in the city. Biden won the in-person vote handily and the mail-in vote by an almost unanimous margin.

2020 Pennsylvania Election Results: Other State Offices

Attorney General: Josh Shapiro (D) was re-elected Pennsylvania’s attorney general. He ran slightly ahead of Joe Biden with 50.86 percent of the vote, defeating Heather Heidelbaugh (R).

Auditor General: Republicans flipped this race for the first time in decades thanks to Tim DeFoor’s victory. Mr. DeFoor claimed 49.44 percent to 46.35 percent for Nina Ahmad (D). He will replace Eugene DePasquale (D).

State Treasurer: This was another Republican flip. Stacy Garrity (R) defeated incumbent Joe Torsella (D) by a narrower margin than the presidential race. She claimed 48.69 percent to Torsella’s 47.91 percent.

2020 Pennsylvania US House Election Results

2020 Pennsylvania US House Election Results

No seats were flipped at the US House level. Democrats put a great deal of effort into taking the 10th District, but there were a few races on the outer fringes of the radar that were closer. Those were the 7th, 8th, and 17th Districts. All were Democratic holds, but as the 2022 campaign begins, between redistricting and a Democratic president having a midterm, Republicans will sense opportunity.

2020 Pennsylvania Election Results: State Legislature

State Senate: Results show that the Republicans have held the State Senate. There are 28 Republicans, 19 Democrats, and one Independent with two vacant seats. This represents no overall change to the composition of the Senate.

State House: Republicans expanded their majority in the Pennsylvania House. The GOP won 113 seats, a net gain of four, while the Democrats dropped to 90. The Democratic Minority Leader, Frank Dermody, lost his seat in the Pittsburgh area.

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