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2020 South Carolina Senate Race Preview

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2020 South Carolina Senate Race

Have questions about the 2020 South Carolina Senate race but you’re afraid to ask? Well, wait, let’s unpack that: Why are you afraid to ask a question about a Senate race?

Once you’ve dealt with these residual issues, we have the answers for you. Lindsey Graham faces what might be the toughest Senate election of his career in 2020. Yes, at this point, we expect him to win it, but a Senate race in South Carolina should be a slam dunk for a Republican – or should it? South Carolina has not been a solid red state forever, and as you can see in the video below, it is not solid red all over.

Whatever the case may be, this one will not be so easy for Graham, who is running for a fourth term in the Senate after succeeding Strom Thurmond, one of the most noteworthy political figures in the history of the Palmetto State. For those keeping track, this seat has been Republican since 1964.

Our analysis of the race and what you need to know has been condensed down into two minutes.

The 2020 South Carolina Senate Race in 2 Minutes

Meet the 2020 South Carolina Senate Candidates (Appearing on Ballot)

Links to candidate websites, if available, are included below; as always, please exercise caution visiting outside links.

Lindsey Graham (R)Incumbent US Senator (2003-)
Jaime Harrison (D)Former South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman
Bill Bledsoe (Const.)2016 US Senate candidate

What Happened Last Time in South Carolina?

In the 2014 South Carolina Senate race, Lindsey Graham was re-elected by about a 16-point margin. This was during the Republicans’ 2014 Senate wave in which the GOP picked up nine seats to flip the chamber.

Needless to say, if the Republicans are having trouble in states like South Carolina in 2020, their Senate majority is in jeopardy. Few would argue with that assessment as of the date of this video, but few would also count South Carolina amongst the GOP casualties. Time will tell.

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