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2020 Vermont House Race: Predictions and More

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2020 Vermont House Race

This is the prediction for the 2020 Vermont House race.

Vermont is quite the state politically. You know it as being solid blue today, but for decades, it was a bastion of Republican votes. It seemed Democrats could not win any elections there at all, but that began to change in the 1960s. By the 1980s, the Democrats ended almost 130 years of uninterrupted GOP control of the state legislature. We point this out because you probably would not believe it today if we had not told you. Now, Democrats have commanding majorities in Montpelier with some Progressives and Independents in the mix. However, the state does still elect some Republicans, moderate and liberal though they may be.

The last time a Republican held the Vermont House seat – any House seat – was January 1991. Once the former mayor of Burlington, Bernie Sanders, flipped the seat in 1990, that was it. Today, the Republicans would not be considered a force in Vermont if the governor wasn’t one. Peter Welch, the Democrat who succeeded Bernie Sanders in the House in 2006, is still around in Congress.

How do things look for Welch and the Democrats as they attempt to hold this seat? We can answer that for you here.

VT US House Rating Scale

With this scale, you’ll see how we rate the 2020 Vermont House race, and there are no tossups here.

VT Election Rating Chart

2020 Vermont House Race Current Prediction Summary: May 30

2020 Vermont House Races - 5-30-20 predictions


Vermont-AL US House

Democratic Hold - Very Safe

Welch has not had a difficult run since his first in 2006, and even at that, it was not a nailbiter. He will be unopposed by the Republicans and with token third-party challengers looking to take him on, Welch is very safe.

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