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2020 Wisconsin Election Results

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2020 Wisconsin Election Results

These are the main and most important 2020 Wisconsin election results.

The Badger State was a hot battleground in 2016, and we all watched that November night four years ago when the “Blue Wall” fell. Joe Biden’s task was to put it back together in order to get to the White House. Ten electoral votes may not seem like much, but in a close race, it could mean everything.

We’ve got the Wisconsin results right here; you’re so close.

2020 Wisconsin Presidential Election Results


Joe Biden won Wisconsin and claimed its 10 electoral votes. This was one of five states Trump won in 2016 that Biden flipped in 2020.

Like a number of other closely-contested states, the 2020 Wisconsin election results came under litigation. Donald Trump’s campaign paid for a recount in the state, and this ended up slightly expanding Biden’s statewide margin (NBC News). In early December, the Wisconsin Supreme Court took a pass on a Trump campaign suit which aimed to throw out hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots (Reuters). Wisconsin certified election results at the end of November.


Door County and Sauk County were the only two counties to change hands in 2020 from 2016’s vote. This is no doubt a side effect of the statewide swing to the Democrats being so small.

Milwaukee County came through for Biden, delivering him 69 percent of the vote and a margin of over 183,000 votes. Liberal bastion Dane County was another big part of Biden’s win, with the president-elect taking over 75 percent of the vote out of about 340,000 cast.

2020 Wisconsin Election Results: US House

2020 Wisconsin Election Results: US House

All incumbents who stood for re-election won their US House races. Jim Sensenbrenner stood down in the 5th District, but the Republicans held his safe seat with ease. Ron Kind, whose district leaned towards Trump, had a surprisingly narrow re-election win.

2020 Wisconsin State Legislature Election Results

State Senate: Republicans increased their majority in the Wisconsin Senate. The GOP will begin the next session with 21 seats, with the Democrats falling down to 12.

State Assembly: The State Assembly was a little bit different of an outcome for the Democrats, where they gained a small number of seats. Nevertheless, the Republicans still have a 61 to 38 majority in 2021.

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