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2020 Wisconsin House Races: Predictions and More

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2020 Wisconsin House Races

What’s the good word on the 2020 Wisconsin House races?

Wisconsin has become quite the important state in America’s politics. With just ten electoral votes, it doesn’t have the cachet of a state like Ohio or Florida, but for all we know, the presidential election could come down to it. Nevertheless, Wisconsin, like lots of the Midwest, has the capability of going blue, but turns out to be a crucial swing state.

As for its House races, Republicans hold a five to three majority over the Democrats, which is how it has been since 2010. Democrats last picked up a seat in Wisconsin in 2006. With this sort of remarkable electoral stability, will the 2020 Wisconsin House races produce anything wild and crazy? We doubt it, but we still predicted all eight of these races just for you.

WI US House Rating Scale

The 2020 Wisconsin House races will be rated this way, and you will not see tossups.

WI Election Rating Chart

2020 Wisconsin House Races Current Prediction Summary: May 30

2020 Wisconsin House Races - 5-30-20 predictions

Current Wisconsin US House Map

2020 Wisconsin House Races - pre-election map


Wisconsin-01 US House

Republican Hold - Safe

The GOP held on in Paul Ryan’s old seat, and now that they have (by a comfortable margin), we are not thinking that this is an opportunity for a flip.


Wisconsin-02 US House

Democratic Hold - Very Safe

If it were possible for Democrats to win this Madison-based seat by 200 points, they would.


Wisconsin-03 US House

Democratic Hold - Safe

Southwest Wisconsin has been represented by Ron Kind for decades, even though there are bluer areas in the country and state. When this seat opens up at some point, it will be competitive, but Kind has weathered the highs and lows and the bigger local GOP names passed on this race.


Wisconsin-04 US House

Democratic Hold - Very Safe

Democrats own this seat in Milwaukee and will continue to do so.


Wisconsin-05 US House

Republican Hold - Very Safe

Jim Sensenbrenner, one of the House’s most senior members, is standing down in 2020. Most of the now world-famous WOW counties (at least, famous to political junkies) are in this district, which means the Democrats are pretty much out of luck.


Wisconsin-06 US House

Republican Hold - Safe

The 6th is Trump Country, or so it would seem, and it’s likely to be Glenn Grothman Country again in November.


Wisconsin-07 US House

Republican Hold - Safe

Tom Tiffany just won this seat in comfortable fashion in a special election. The November results are not going to be too divergent from the special.


Wisconsin-08 US House

Republican Hold - Safe

They’re going to do two things in this district in November: Watch the Packers and vote for Mike Gallagher.

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