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2020 Wyoming House Race: Predictions and More

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2020 Wyoming House Race

What do we think will happen in the 2020 Wyoming House race?

Of all 435 races to watch in November 2020, this is one of them. Let’s face it: elections in the Equality State are not that competitive tthese days. As of May 2020, there are no Democrats elected to statewide office in Wyoming. The House seat, as you already know, is a statewide office. Dave Freudenthal, a former two-term governor in the 2000s, was the only Democrat to win any statewide election in the last 25 years. Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson were the only two Democrats to win the state in a presidential election since World War II.

And then there’s Liz Cheney, the incumbent representative since 2017. She is the daughter of Dick Cheney, noted son of Wyoming and former vice president. Democrats have not held the Wyoming House seat in over 40 years. So, you may be wondering what chance they have this time, or if Cheney and the Republicans are a lock to hang on here in 2020. At the bottom of this article, we’ll give you what we think is the answer.

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This chart represents how we, without need for the tossup, will rate the 2020 Wyoming House race.

WY Election Rating Chart

2020 Wyoming House Race Current Prediction Summary: May 30

2020 Wyoming House Races - 5-30-20 predictions


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Republican Hold - Very Safe

All eyes in Wyoming will be on the Senate race this year, which was flung open with the retirement of Sen. Mike Enzi. Even at that, the general election is unlikely to be competitive. The House race in Wyoming’s at-large district is flying under the radar, which only helps Liz Cheney. What also helps is that the Democrats do not have a candidate with name recognition, though a few candidates have stepped forward to at least show up on the ballot. Cheney increased her vote share during the 2018 Blue Wave election (from 62 to 64 percent) so you can bet she is not worried about re-election.

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