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2021 Louisiana 2nd District Special Election

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2021 Louisiana 2nd District Special Election

The 2020 federal elections are over, but let this year’s begin with the 2021 Louisiana 2nd District special election.

Louisianans in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas will vote in their “jungle primary” on Saturday, March 20. Should no candidate clear the 50 percent-plus-one threshold to win outright, the top two candidates advance to a runoff. Given the volume of candidates, and the fact that two seem to have an equal advantage, chances are this will move on to that April 24th second round.

This election takes place on the same day as another US House special election in Louisiana, the 5th District further north.

Find out who’s running in the 2021 Louisiana 2nd District special election and who we think has the edge to take it.

LA-02 Special Election 2021: Key Facts

PREVIOUSLY HELD BY: Cedric Richmond (D). He was first elected to Congress in 2010 and has been re-elected ever since. After being re-elected again in 2020, Richmond was offered a position by President Joe Biden to be a senior White House advisor. Richmond resigned his seat about two weeks after the 117th Congress began.

LOCATION: Louisiana’s 2nd District snakes from portions of Baton Rouge down the Mississippi River into the New Orleans area. The French Quarter and Lakefront Airport are in this district, as well as towns to the south of New Orleans such as Gretna and Westwego.

POLITICAL COMPOSITION: This is a Democratic seat at its core. It was only represented by a Republican once in modern times, from 2009 to 2011, because the sitting Democratic congressman was under federal indictment and lost his election. That seat, however, had a different configuration than this one and did not stretch up to Baton Rouge. You can infer that a federal indictment is more or less what it takes for Democrats to lose here.

WHO’S RUNNING: 15 different candidates, including eight Democrats and four Republicans. Among the more noteworthy are Karen Carter-Peterson (D), a state senator, Troy Carter (D), another state senator, and Gary Chambers (D), former candidate for the State Senate. Ironically, the two state senators in the mix also ran for this seat and lost in 2006.

Louisiana 2nd District Special Election Analysis

2021 LA-02 Special Election - prediction 3-5-21

The Democrats are a good bet in the 2nd District, therefore we rate this as a Very Safe Democratic hold. There is a much more than decent chance that two Democrats will come out of this and move on to the runoff.

If you had to pick two, the two Carters, Troy and Karen (Carter-Peterson), seem to be reasonable as they are both currently elected officials. Troy Carter may have an overall edge but it’s too soon to tell until both make the runoff, if they do.

Louisiana 2nd District Special Election Results – Jungle Primary

Louisiana 2nd District Special Election Results - Jungle Primary

Troy Carter (D) and Karen Carter Peterson (D) advanced to an April 24 runoff. Gary Chambers (D) placed third. The seat is a Democratic hold.

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2021 Louisiana 5th District Special Election

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