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2021 State Legislature Special Elections

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2021 State Legislature Special Elections

Need more information on the various 2021 state legislature special elections? This is the right place, we assure you.

In 2020, Democrats made modest gains in special elections at the state level, leading up to their federal trifecta win. This followed 2019, a year in which Republicans were the ones making small gains in these legislative races. Two states, New Jersey and Virginia, will elect governors and state legislatures this year, so local races there may provide some insight.

This is the place to track all of the special elections throughout the United States. Electionarium is going to do something a little different this year: we are going to preview every single one of them. Clicking on the articles below will open a new tab and get you to the special elections of your choice.

2021 State Legislature Special Elections Standings

2021 State Legislature Special Elections - Jan 20 standings

January 2021 Special Elections

Jan. 5, 2021Virginia House of Delegates 2nd DistrictDem Hold
Democrats held on to the 2nd District in the House of Delegates, though with a greatly sheared-down margin of victory.

Jan. 5, 2021Virginia House of Delegates 90th DistrictDem Hold
This urban seat in Hampton Roads presented no issues for Democrats in the January special election.

Jan. 19, 2021Alabama House of Representatives 33rd DistrictRep Hold

Jan. 23, 2021Texas House of Representatives 68th DistrictTBD

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