Virginia& New Jersey elect governors on November 2

United States Elections

2021 United States Gubernatorial Elections

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2021 United States Gubernatorial Elections

This is the landing page for the 2021 United States gubernatorial elections, taking place in two states on November 2.

There are off-year elections and then there are odd-year elections in the United States, usually held in just a handful of states in between midterm and presidential election years. While some will be preparing for the 2022 midterm elections, there is business to be conducted first in New Jersey and Virginia.

Both states elected Democratic governors in 2017. In the case of New Jersey, it was a flip, while in Virginia, Democrats maintained control.

What will these elections mean as far as future electoral implications? Probably not much. While the Democrats did end up having good years in 2018 and 2020 at the macro level, Republicans were not expected to win either 2017 race, anyway. Some will feel the need to make broad proclamations about whatever result is generated in New Jersey and Virginia; feel free to resist the temptation to listen.

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2021 New Jersey Governor Race2021 Virginia Governor Race
2021 New Jersey Governor2021 Virginia Governor

New Jersey Governor

The incumbent Governor of New Jersey is Phil Murphy (D), first elected in 2017. He will be seeking a second term, and despite the state’s undeniable Democratic tilt, if Murphy wins, he will be the first Democrat re-elected governor since Brendan Bryne in 1977.

Prior to becoming governor, Murphy served for four years as the American ambassador to Germany under Barack Obama.

Virginia Governor

Virginia’s incumbent governor is Ralph Northam (D), elected in 2017. Governors of Virginia are not eligible for re-election due to term limits legislation, therefore Northam will leave office in early 2022. No governor is re-elected in Virginia, but Democrats will be seeking their third win in a row and fifth win out of six elections.

Directly before his election to the governorship, Northam was Virginia’s lieutenant governor. He also represented the Eastern Shore and parts of Norfolk in the Virginia Senate.

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