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2021 US House Special Elections Pages

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2021 US House Special Elections

If you just have to track the 2021 US House special elections, Electionarium is the place to be.

By the time the 117th United States Congress began, there were already several seats in line to hold special elections. Two were due to deaths among the membership and several more were due to members of Congress taking roles within the Biden Administration. With the House under narrow Democratic control, every race will be meaningful this year.

The 2022 midterm elections are a long way off, and even though Census data is delayed, these will some of the last elections fought under the current district lines. We make it our mission to track each and every one of them, in the same way we track all state legislative special elections.

Find your race below and see who’s coming out on top in the 2021 US House special elections. If there’s a link, the article is live.

March 2021 Special Elections

March 20, 2021Louisiana-02 Special ElectionPreviously DemResult TBD
Cedric Richmond (D) resigned to join the Biden Administration as a senior advisor.
March 20, 2021Louisiana-05 Special ElectionPreviously RepResult TBD
Ralph Abraham (R) retired; Luke Letlow (R) passed away prior to assuming his seat.

May 2021 Special Elections

May 1, 2021Texas-06 Special ElectionPreviously RepResult TBD
Ron Wright (R) passed away on February 7, 2021.

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United States Elections

2021 State Legislature Special Elections

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