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2021 Western Australia Election Results

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2021 Western Australia Election Results

Here are the 2021 Western Australia election results. Initial update on 14 March 2021 with updates to follow.

Preliminary 2021 Western Australia Election Results

The Labor Party of Premier Mark McGowan has won the largest landslide in Western Australia history.

Early returns show Labor may win as many as 53 out of the 59 seats in the state parliament. The new official opposition will be the National Party with four seats, while the Liberals have had their worst result in history with two seats.

Liberal leader Zak Kirkup has lost his seat in Dawesville on nearly a 16-point swing against him.

The primary vote has shifted in Labor’s favour by almost 17 percent statewide. The Liberal primary vote is at about 21 percent, down 10, and they have also lost some of their bedrock seats in the Perth suburbs like Nedlands, South Perth, and Scarborough on gigantic swings.

The Western Australia Election Commission will be updating results in the interim.

Election Reaction

For Labor, this is everything they could have wanted and more. Western Australia will be a one-party state for the next four years with no opposition in parliament. It may not be a great thing for democracy, but they have firm control over the fate of the state. This is an election victory that may never be replicated again in Western Australia, so they will no doubt enjoy it.

Calling this an unmitigated disaster for the Liberals would be an understatement. This is about as bad an electoral performance as possible, but they have a chance now to start over and build back up for 2025. They will do it with a new leader, but if they are looking for a glimmer of hope: Campbell Newman won 78 out of 89 seats in Queensland in 2012, and he got voted out three years later. Things can change but this is a gut-rehab job for the WA Liberals. It’s hard for us when we predict you’re going to have a terrible election night and then somehow do even worse.

2021 Western Australia Election Results

2021 Western Australia Election Results

Vote Breakdown

2021 Western Australia Election Results - primary vote and 2PP

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Australian Elections

2021 Western Australia State Election

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