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2021 Western Australia State Election

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2021 Western Australia State Election

Get ready for the the 2021 Western Australia state election on 13 March.

Four years ago, the longtime Liberal government of Colin Barnett was defeated on a massive swing of almost 13 percent. Labor gained 20 seats in the 59-seat legislature, taking a commanding majority with 41 seats. Mark McGowan, Labor, became the state’s 30th Premier in 2017. He was the first Labor leader to win an election since Geoff Gallop in 2005.

The Liberals were left in a position to have to start over with the electorate and in the legislature. Reduced to just 13 seats in the Western Australia Legislative Assembly, the Liberals turned to Zak Kirkup, a first-term MP who will be 34 years old on polling day in 2021, as their new leader. Kirkup will have his work cut out for him, with his party needing to gain 17 seats to retake a majority government.

This is being undertaken with a backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, as all elections these days have. Some governments with high marks on handling the pandemic, like in Queensland, New Zealand, and in certain Canadian provinces like New Brunswick and British Columbia, have been rewarded with electoral triumph. Others with relatively low marks, like the Trump administration in the United States, reaped defeat at the polls.

Western Australia has bounced in and out of tight restrictions. Nevertheless, at least as of the end of 2020, McGowan seemed to be in the former camp. His approval ratings were reportedly sky-high, upwards of 90 percent.1

Below, you may jump to the 2021 Western Australia state election predictions page, and after the 13th of March, we will bring you the results.

2021 Western Australia State Election: Predictions and Results

Click on the image below for either current election predictions or results. The latter will be available after the 13th of March or when final results are known.

2021 Western Australia Election - Predictions2021 Western Australia Election - Results
WA Election PredictionsWA Election Results

2021 Western Australia State Election: Party Leaders

2021 Western Australia State Election: Party Leaders

The 2021 election is the third for Mark McGowan as Labor leader; he lost his first in 2013 and won his second in 2017. Zak Kirkup and Mia Davies are making their first runs for the premiership.

Pre-Election Government in Western Australia

Labor held 40 seats at the end of the most recent legislature. The Liberals had 13 seats and the Nationals held 6. Labor’s government majority was 21 seats.

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  1. Peter Van Onselen, “Coronavirus, borders: Has WA Premier Mark McGowan gone too far?,” The Australian, 30 November 2020.

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