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A History of Canadian Minority Governments

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A History of Canadian Minority Governments

Here’s a little bit of history of Canadian minority governments.

At the time our YouTube presentation was prepared, Canada was en route to the polls for its 2021 election, in the act of replacing a minority government – perhaps with yet another minority government.

For those who need some context, a minority government in Canada is one in which the largest party does not have a majority of seats but still governs. In the British tradition, it is the equivalent of a hung parliament.

How many minority governments have there been in Canadian federal election history, how long do they usually last, and how does the 2019 to 2021 Parliament stack up with the averages?

As of August 2021, Canada has had 43 federal elections. The September 2021 vote will be the 44th.

Historical Canadian Minority Governments

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Canadian Elections

2021 Canadian Election Results and Predictions

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