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Argentina Presidential Election 2019 Results: Change Election

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Argentina Presidential Election 2019

Thanks to Argentina presidential election 2019, one of South America’s largest countries will have a new leader.

Argentina, a nation of approximately 43 million people, has been governed by the Justicialist Party (PJ) for most of the last thirty years, since the end of the military junta. This is why the victory of Mauricio Macri, in 2015 the center-right government chief (mayor, in essence) of Buenos Aires, was such a shock to the political order.

2019 saw that order restored, with Alberto Fernandez defeating Macri of the Republican Proposal (PRO). With that, Argentina moves back to the political left and away from an embrace of Macri’s capitalist policies.

Fernandez, close enough with former president Cristina Fern√°ndez de Kirchner that she was his running mate, has been accused by some of being Kirchner’s puppet.1 However, with Argentina’s economy in deep trouble, voters were willing to bring back the party they ousted from power just four years earlier.

Argentina Presidential Election 2019 Results: Votes

Argentina Presidential Election 2019 results - votes

Fernandez has defeated the incumbent president, Mauricio Macri, by approximately two million votes. In order to avoid a runoff, Fernandez needed to (1) win at least 45 percent or (2) take 40 percent but win by ten percent or more. Fernandez did not satisfy the second victory criteria, but he did accomplish the first. Whereas the 2015 election which brought Macri to power went to a runoff, this election did not.

2019 saw what amounted to a two-party race between the PJ and PRO. This was the first election since 1989 in which the third-place finisher did not take at least ten percent of the vote.

Province Map of 2019 Argentina Presidential Election

Argentina Presidential Election 2019 results - provinces

The PJ won most of Argentina’s provinces, as they did in 2015 during the runoff. Provinces won by Macri in the 2015 runoff but also won by Fernandez in 2019 are Jujuy, La Rioja, and La Pampa.


1: “Argentine Election Results Suggest A Turn To Leftist Populism” (by NPR, website, published 28 October 2019, accessed 28 October 2019)

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