The below is list of Australia election predictions and the Australian election calendar. This is your homepage for all things going on in Australian elections, and your launch point to our past coverage. From Exmouth, WA to Port Arthur, Tasmania, we are all about Australian politics and cover it all. Well, maybe not local council by-elections, but most of the other stuff, sure.

We also have a dedicated page to those who lead Australia right now, and what the composition is of each state and territorial government.

Australian Election Predictions and Australia Election Calendar - Aug 2019

Last Calendar Update: 6 February 2021

Australia Election Predictions and Australian Election Calendar: Upcoming Elections

13 March 2021
2021 Western Australia Election
On or Before Early to Mid-2022
Tasmania Election
19 March 2022
2022 South Australia Election
On or Before 21 May 2022
Australian Federal Election: Senate
On or Before 3 September 2022
Australian Federal Election: House of Representatives
26 November 2022
2022 Victoria Election
25 March 2023
2023 New South Wales Election

Australia Election Predictions and Australian Election Calendar: Past Elections Coverage

The following are arranged by year.

2017 Australian Elections

25 November 2017
Queensland Election 2017
16 December 2017
Bennelong, NSW Federal By-Election 2017

2018 Australian Elections

3 March 2018
Tasmania State Election 2018
17 March 2018
South Australia State Election 2018
20 October 2018
Wentworth, NSW Federal By-Election
24 November 2018
Victoria State Election

2019 and 2020 Australian Elections

23 March 2019
New South Wales State Election
18 May 2019
Australian Federal Election
4 July 2020
2020 Eden-Monaro Federal By-Election
17 October 2020
2020 Australian Capital Territory Election
31 October 2020
2020 Queensland Election

Australia Election Predictions and Australian Election Calendar: Following Along With The Results

Australia’s Election Commission has its website here. On election night, you can go into the Virtual Tally Room and track the federal election as it happens. They also occasionally include information about state and local Australian elections.

Australia Election Predictions and Australian Election Calendar: Key Links

The ABC and Antony Green have an excellent website tracking elections throughout Australia. This page follows votes down to a by-election level.