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Boston Mayoral Election 2017 Results

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Boston Mayor Election 2017

A look at the Boston Mayoral Election 2017 results, in which incumbent mayor Marty Walsh was elected to a second term.

Walsh, first elected in 2013 to replace the long-tenured Tom Menino, did not have an overly difficult road to re-election. He faced Tito Jackson, a city councilor and NOT a famous singer, in the city’s general election on November 7. In the preliminary election on September 26, 2017, Walsh took 62.5 percent with Jackson registering 29.1 percent.

Boston Mayoral Election 2017 Results: Municipal General Election Votes

Walsh* Jackson Write-In

Boston Mayoral Election 2017 Results: Boston Precinct Map

Boston Mayoral Election 2017 results map city precincts

Boston Mayoral Election 2017 Results: Walsh’s Ten Best Precincts (Vote Share)

Ward 16, Precinct 12 94.64% Dorchester: Port Norfolk, Cedar Grove
Ward 16, Precinct 9 89.14% Dorchester: Ashmont
Ward 16, Precinct 10 87.36% Dorchester: Port Norfolk
Ward 6, Precinct 6 86.49% South Boston: Near E 6th & L
Ward 16, Precinct 7 84.78% Dorchester: Near Dorchester Center
Ward 7, Precinct 2 83.34% South Boston: South of E 6th Street
Ward 16, Precinct 2 83.33% Dorchester: Near Fields Corner
Ward 6, Precinct 3 82.86% South Boston: East of D Street
Ward 16, Precinct 11 82.80% Dorchester: Cedar Grove
Ward 2, Precinct 1 82.72% Charlestown: Near Bunker Hill

Boston Mayoral Election 2017 Results: Jackson’s Ten Best Precincts (Vote Share)

Ward 8, Precinct 3 64.45% Roxbury: Near Lower Roxbury/Melnea Cass
Ward 12, Precinct 3 64.10% Roxbury: Near Malcolm X Park
Ward 11, Precinct 7 64.02% Jamaica Plain: Near Scagnoli-Nihill
Ward 12, Precinct 8 63.21% Roxbury: Near Crawford Street Playground
Ward 12, Precinct 1 63.20% Roxbury: Near Municipal Court
Ward 12, Precinct 4 63.04% Roxbury: Near Washington Park Mall
Ward 11, Precinct 3 61.76% Roxbury: Near Cobden Street
Ward 9, Precinct 5 61.35% Lower Roxbury: Malcolm X & Dudley Area
Ward 12, Precinct 2 61.23% Roxbury: Near Laviscount Park
Ward 12, Precinct 9 60.26% Roxbury: Humboldt & Ruthven Area

Boston Mayoral Election 2017 Results: Analysis

Boston tends to keep their mayors around for a long time. Walsh is the city’s sixth mayor since 1950, with the average mayor serving about three terms. It’s not that this is a lifetime appointment, but Walsh will be mayor as long as he wants it. Someday he may desire to be governor, but short of some catastrophe in his administration, he’ll have more relatively effortless campaigns.

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