Here is your British election calendar and your gateway to our British election predictions. From general elections to local elections and even the devolved parliaments and by-elections, we cover it here. Elections in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland all have a place at Electionarium and this is where you get started with them.

Should there be any further national referendums, we will have those, too.

If you want to know who is leading Britain and its national parliaments, we have a page for that.

British Election Predictions and UK Election Calendar - Aug 2019

Calendar Last Updated: 1 May 2020

British Election Predictions and British Election Calendar: Upcoming Elections

On or Before 6 May 2021
Welsh Assembly Election
On or Before 6 May 2021
Scottish Parliament Election
6 May 2021
2021 United Kingdom Local Elections
On or Before 5 May 2022
Northern Ireland Assembly Election
5 May 2022
2022 United Kingdom Local Elections

British Election Predictions and British Election Calendar: Past Elections

The prior British elections we have covered are separated by year.

2017 British Elections

4 May 2017
2017 United Kingdom Local Elections
8 June 2017
2017 British General Election Predictions

2018 British Elections

3 May 2018
2018 English Local Elections

2019 British Elections

2 May 2019
2019 English Local Elections
6 June 2019
Peterborough By-Election
22 July 2019
Liberal Democrat Leadership Race
23 July 2019
Conservative Party Leadership Race
1 August 2019
Brecon and Radnorshire By-Election
12 December 2019
2019 United Kingdom General Election
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