The following are updated British Election Predictions and the British Election Calendar, which was last updated on May 3, 2019. This calendar extends through events in 2018 and beyond as the situation allows. The calendar is intended to include electoral events such as general elections, local elections, House of Commons by-elections. We will also include devolved assembly and parliamentary elections for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Finally, any future national referendums will be included.

This British election calendar also includes past elections since the launch of the website. Please click on the page and post links to see how our election predictions matched up with reality.

British Election Predictions and Calendar

British Election Predictions and British Election Calendar: Future Elections

Conservative Party Leadership Race Summer 2019
Liberal Democrat Leadership Race Summer 2019
Peterborough By-Election June 6, 2019
Welsh Assembly Election May 6, 2021
Scottish Parliament Election May 6, 2021
Northern Ireland Assembly Election TBA 2022

British Election Predictions and British Election Calendar: Other Unscheduled Events

There are no general elections scheduled at this time. The next election is not due until 2022, after five years. However, the Conservative Party government lacks an overall majority, meaning the next election may be much sooner than 2022. For official insight on British elections and general elections, visit the UK Parliament webpage.

There have been three House of Commons by-elections in the current term: Lewisham East (Labour hold), West Tyrone (Sinn Fein hold), and Newport East (Labour hold).

British Election Predictions and British Election Calendar: Past Elections

Please note that in some of these elections, we did not offer predictions. All polls after September 2017 have prediction components. Most recent election is at the top.

2019 English Local Elections May 2, 2019
2018 English Local Elections May 3, 2018
2017 British General Election Predictions June 8, 2017
2017 United Kingdom Local Elections May 4, 2017
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