Canada election predictions and the Canadian Election Calendar for both federal and provincial elections. Who will win the next Canadian election? Calendar last updated on August 21, 2018.

This is primarily limited to federal and provincial elections in Canada, as well as other major Canadian electoral events.

Canada Election Predictions and Calendar

Canada Election Predictions: Events We’re Covering

October 1, 2018 Quebec provincial election

Canada Election Predictions: Canadian Election Calendar, Other Unscheduled Events

There are no elections unscheduled for the remainder of 2018. Ontario held their election on June 7, 2018, and New Brunswick held theirs on September 24, 2018.

Canada Election Predictions: Canadian Election Calendar, Likelihood of Next Federal or Provincial Elections

The below list shows the date of the most recent elections in Canada, either federally or provincially. It is followed by the latest possible year in which one can expect the next election. Please note that New Brunswick has a minority government as of September 2018, and with no party close to a majority, the next election could come much sooner than 2022.

Canadian Federal October 19, 2015 2019
Alberta May 5, 2015 2019
British Columbia May 9, 2017 2021
Manitoba April 19, 2016 2020
New Brunswick September 24, 2018 2022
Newfoundland & Labrador November 30, 2015 2019
Northwest Territories November 23, 2015 2020
Nova Scotia May 30, 2017 2022
Nunavut October 30, 2017 2021
Ontario June 7, 2018 2022
Prince Edward Island May 4, 2015 2019
Quebec April 7, 2014 2018
Saskatchewan April 4, 2016 2021
Yukon November 7, 2016 2021

Canada Election Predictions and Canadian Election Calendar: Past Elections

At the top you will find the most recent Canadian elections we have covered.

September 24, 2018 New Brunswick provincial election
Ontario provincial election June 7, 2018
BC Liberal Party Leadership Election February 3, 2018
Saskatchewan Party Leadership Election 2018 January 27, 2018
Nova Scotia Election 2017: Predictions | Results May 30, 2017

Canada Election Predictions: Important Links

Further information on Canadian electoral conventions can be found at Elections Canada.

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