For those so inclined, you may contact Electionarium. You don’t HAVE to contact Electionarium, but we won’t stop you.

Remember, Electionarium is a website all about elections, election predictions, and breaking down election results. We don’t promise to predict every election, and we also don’t promise to be right. However, we do promise to be mildly interesting while doing it. If you have something you want to say about how we’re doing, have a tip for us, or want to give us love/hate mail, we’re listening.

For the record, in case anyone was wondering if this website has a lean, it does not. Our official position is that we are non-partisan/centrist. It is not our way to comment on public policy undertakings so much as the elections which shape them, and the elections that may be consequences of them.

Here’s our social media presence

On Twitter: socialize with us @Electionarium. We are especially active on election nights, and hope to provide regular updates on changes in predictions.

On Facebook: connect with us at the Electionarium page.

On YouTube: election analysis at our new YouTube outfit.

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