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Elections Briefing, March 15, 2021: Louisiana, Yukon, Germany

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Elections Briefing 3-15-21 Louisiana Yukon Germany

Elections activity in the United States may be in a quiet period, but elections are getting quite interesting in the international ring this Monday.

US Election News

Two Louisiana House Special Elections This Weekend

Louisianans in the 2nd and 5th Congressional Districts are already voting in two special elections that will send new members to the US House of Representatives. Early voting wrapped up this weekend in the two seats which politically could not be more different.1 Special election day is on Saturday, March 20. Should runoffs be necessary, the top two will advance to a second round next month.

Pelosi Avoids Calling for Cuomo’s Ouster; Schumer Does Not

Andrew Cuomo’s new political difficulties make up one of the most major political stories in America today. The volume of fellow Democrats that have come out against him is staggering, and add at least one major player to that list: Chuck Schumer, the Senate’s majority leader. You will not, however, be able to affix Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s name to the register of Democrats who think Cuomo should resign as New York governor.

While she did not say Cuomo should step down, she did say that she thought he needed to take personal stock and come to his own conclusion.2 The implication was there that he should do the quote-unquote right thing, but is not going on the record.

International Election News

State Elections Go Poorly For Angela Merkel’s CDU

The state elections in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate were not what Angela Merkel’s ruling party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), needed at all. Her party finished a distant second in southern state Baden-Württemberg and lost even more significant ground in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Estimates show that the Green-Social Democrat coalition has improved their standing in Baden-Württemberg, just short of an overall majority together. It’s the same story in Rhineland-Palatinate, where the CDU is on track to lose seats as well. Germany has a federal election scheduled for September, and this will be a blow to new CDU leader Armin Laschet as he tries to make his case to be chancellor.3

Yukon Election Called for April

The Yukon Territory is heading to the polls for an early election. Liberal Premier Sandy Silver called his territory’s election for April 12, having initially been expected in November. With Newfoundland and Labrador having gone through (and still going through) its own early election debacle amidst COVID, the Yukon opposition is questioning why a spring election is necessary.4

No Liberal government has ever been re-elected in the Yukon Territory because there has only been one previous since they adopted partisan elections in 1978. This election bears watching as early indications are it could be a three-way race between the Liberals, Yukon Party, and NDP.

Israel Already Buzzing About a Fifth Election

The Israeli people will next week have their fourth election in two years. Fears of its inconclusiveness are creeping into the public’s psyche, and there is wonder if yet another fractionalized result will lead to a fifth election. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come out and tried to ease the voters and project that the country will not need to go down that road.5 His party, Likud, is expected to finish first in the election, but multi-party coalitions are the standard in Israel, a country which elects on proportional representation and has never had a majority government.

If the polls are right, neither Netanyahu’s right bloc or Yesh Atid’s center and left bloc will be able to cobble together a majority. Will some of the warring parties be able to put their hostility aside and form a stable government? That’s clearly no motivation as Israel is having its fourth election in two years.

Election Calendar

2 days until the Dutch general election.
5 days until the LA-02 and LA-05 special elections.
8 days until the Israeli general election.

Today’s Further Reading

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