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Elections Briefing, March 3, 2021: Election Results, Election Reform

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Elections Briefing 3-3-21 Election Results Election Laws El Salvador

It was not Super Tuesday by any stretch, but there were some election results to report from yesterday at the top of Wednesday’s Briefing.

US Election News

Election Results Summary, March 2
  • Kirk Hatcher (D) won the Alabama SD-26 special election with 78.3 percent of the vote. William Green (R) received 21.5 percent. This was a Democratic hold.
  • Pat Billie Miller (D) is the apparent winner of the Connecticut SD-27 special election, a Democratic hold. Her margin of victory over Joshua Esses (R) is still to be determined.
  • Miro Weinberger (D) was re-elected mayor of Burlington, Vermont. He defeated Max Tracy (Prog.) by just 129 votes.
New Elections Reform Measure Announced

Rep. John Sarbanes (D-MD) is proposing new legislation in the United States House of Representatives that would constitute some of the most sweeping change America has seen to its elections in decades. The “For the People Act of 2021” was filed under H.R. 1 in Congress, and it’s the sort of bill where you need someone to read it for you and distill it down from 791 pages to a few sentences, if possible. (If you are in Congress, yes, we expect you to read it or at least have a staffer read it for you.) There are too many proposed changes to list in a brief article, but a few highlights include (1) the expansion of voter registration, (2) expands campaign finance reform, and (3) requires candidates for President and Vice President, as well as the President and Vice President, to disclose their past ten years of tax returns.1 The latter of those no doubt is inspired by a certain former president who lived in Trump Tower.

There are elements of the bill that could gain Republican support, but as for the bill as a whole? Not likely to stoke many bipartisan feelings. Will the Democrats be able to move this with majorities in Congress? With just about every House Democrat cosponsoring it, that’s a safe bet.

Indiana Senator to Seek Re-Election

The Great State of Indiana has moved firmly into the red column over the years, and this is great news for Sen. Todd Young (R-IN), who announced Tuesday that he will run for re-election.2 Young was a three-term congressman from southern Indiana before getting elected to the Senate in 2016, beating the well-known Indiana political titan Evan Bayh (D) by ten points. If a Democrat like Bayh can’t even come close in Indiana these days, their hopes of picking Young off in 2022, a Democratic midterm year, are not strong. With a very thin bench, the Democrats’ best hope against Young may be Joe Donnelly if he runs again, but he has yet to indicate he’s getting in the race.

International Election News

Salvadoran President’s Party Wins in Legislative Landslide

The results are slow to come in, but what we do know is that President Nayib Bukele’s party will have a massive majority in the El Salvador Legislative Assembly. In its first election, the Nuevas Ideas (New Ideas) party and its affiliates won 62 seats in the Assembly, enough for an outright majority of the 84 total.3 With such a large majority, the president will be able to do whatever he wants, give or take a little. This is the will of the Salvadoran people at the polls, but it also comes as a troublesome development to some who are concerned that Bukele is going down a corrupt road. A very approving Congress would only enhance those tendencies, should they exist.

Election Calendar

9 days until the Newfoundland and Labrador provincial election.
10 days until the Western Australia state election.
14 days until the 2021 Dutch election.
17 days until the LA-02 & LA-05 jungle primaries.
20 days until the 2021 Israeli election.

Today’s Further Reading

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  2. Sen. Todd Young, “I’m Running | Todd Young for Senate,” YouTube, accessed 2 March 2021.
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