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England Local Elections 2018 Results: No Labour Wave

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England Local Elections 2018 Results

The England local elections 2018 results have both good and bad news for the two major parties in British politics.

On the Labour side, they gained 59 councillors and remained far ahead of the Conservatives in seat count (at least, for those councils electing members). Yet, they doubtlessly hoped for much more than 59, and they even suffered a net loss of one council. Hoping to ride a wave of anti-Tory angst, they got a ripple.

When it comes to those Conservatives, they did lose seats: a net of 31, to be exact. The Tories also took a net loss of two councils. However, they are probably pleased that Labour was turned back from some of their top targets. What was expected to be a bigger result for Labour turned out to more or less be a status quo election. Granted, some of this has to do with the collapse of UKIP, who had a worse night than Labour and the Tories put together.

Where were election battles won and lost on Thursday?

England Local Elections 2018 Results: Councils Changing Hands

Barnet Con GAIN from NOC
Basildon Con GAIN from NOC
Derby Lab LOSE to NOC
Kingston-upon-Thames LD GAIN from Con
Kirklees Lab GAIN from NOC
Mole Valley Con LOSE to NOC
Nuneaton & Bedworth Lab LOSE to NOC
Peterborough Con GAIN from NOC
Plymouth Lab GAIN from Con
Redditch Con GAIN from Lab
Richmond-upon-Thames LD GAIN from Con
South Cambridgeshire LD GAIN from Con
Three Rivers LD GAIN from NOC
Trafford Con LOSE to NOC

England Local Elections 2018 Results: Overall Results

England Local Elections 2018 Results

England Local Elections 2018 Results: Labour Advances Somewhat

The Labour Party came out ahead as expected in Thursday’s election. Most of their damage was done in London, where they overturned a slight deficit of councillors to gain dozens of seats. What did not go well was Wandsworth, where Labour hoped to win, but the Tories held. They also lost their majority in Derby and Nuneaton, while going to defeat in Redditch. Even though London turned out well for them, they also failed to take over Tory councils in Kensington and Westminster.

That they ended up with more councillors than at the start was a reason for positivity for Labour. According to a projected vote share by the BBC, however, Labour was only just tied with the Conservatives. Despite the fact that local election results are hardly transferrable to the national level, people do pay attention, and if Labour really was on track to form the next government, some feel they should have done better. A gain of 60 councillors is virtually insignificant, and nothing out of which to glean much meaning.

England Local Elections 2018 Results: Tories Profit From UKIP Fold

UKIP is all but done as a political force in Britain, having won four council seats and losing 268 councillors since the 2017 local elections. In many cases, the Conservatives have benefitted. Those losses in London don’t seem so bad with UKIP voters “going home” to the Tories elsewhere.

The Conservatives lost just over 30 councillors, which is for them close to the status quo. Given that Brexit is an everlasting headache and Windrush just hit the Tory cabinet, it could have been a lot worse.

England Local Elections 2018 Results: Lib Dems Make Modest Gains

The road back for the Liberal Democrats is proving to be a long one. After nearly being wiped out in the 2015 general election, 2017 saw them regain a bit of footing in terms of seats. Thursday’s 2018 local election gave the Lib Dems four more councils and 75 additional councillors. Several of those gains were in the greater London area, including Richmond-upon-Thames, where there is no Labour presence, to the Lib Dems’ advantage.

However, it could hardly be claimed that they were the winners, as they came in far behind the top two parties.

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