Here is the Europe election predictions and European election calendar. If it’s happening in European elections, this is where to find it.

To see British elections specifically, we have a page for that. As you might expect, it’s called the British Election Predictions and Calendar page. This page is intended for European elections outside of the United Kingdom. These elections shown below are not included on the World Election Calendar, but you can go see that, anyway.

European Election Predictions and Europe Election Calendar - Aug 2019

Calendar Last Updated: 15 January 2020

Europe Election Predictions and European Election Calendar: Upcoming Elections

Please see below the list of upcoming elections in Europe. If there is a link, we are covering it.

8 February 2020
2020 Ireland General Election
On or Before 31 March 2020
2020 Slovakia Presidential Election
On or Before 30 April 2020
2020 Serbia Parliamentary Election
May 2020
2020 Poland Presidential Election
27 July 2020
2020 Iceland Presidential Election
11 October 2020
2020 Lithuania Parliamentary Election
On or Before October 31, 2020
2020 Georgia Parliamentary Election
On or Before October 31, 2020
2020 Montenegro Parliamentary Election
TBD 2020
2020 North Macedonia Parliamentary Election
TBD 2020
2020 Moldova Presidential Election

European Election Calendar: Past Elections

We have broken down these European elections by year.

2017 European Elections

7 May 2017
2017 French Presidential Election Results
24 September 2017
2017 German Federal Election

2018 European Elections

27 January 2018
2018 Czech Presidential Election Results
9 September 2018
2018 Sweden General Election
26 October 2018
2018 Irish Presidential Election

2019 European Elections

28 April 2019
April 2019 Spanish Election (28-A)
26 May 2019
2019 European Parliament election results
26 May 2019
2019 Belgium election results
5 June 2019
2019 Denmark election results
7 July 2019
2019 Greece election results
29 September 2019
2019 Austria Federal Election
6 October 2019
2019 Portugal Legislative Election
10 November 2019
November 2019 Spanish General Election (10-N)

Europe Election Predictions and European Election Calendar: Important Links

More information on the European Union can be found at its official website. Information specific to the European Parliament is seen here.

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