Virginia& New Jersey elect governors on November 2

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Examining the Two (Normal) 2021 Governors Races

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2021 Governors Preview

Yes, there are three 2021 governors races on the schedule, but only two of them would normally be there.

With all due respect to the California recall – which, we promise, will get plenty of attention from us in the next month – our first obligation is to cover the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races. These are two Democratic seats, one of which is open and the other featuring a governor standing for re-election. How clear is the path for Democrats to hold both seats, or are the Republicans poised for a breakthrough in either state?

We take a look at the facts of the elections and the candidates standing in each.

Election Day in New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Virginia is November 2, 2021.

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United States Elections

2021 United States Gubernatorial Elections

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