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Is A Fall 2021 Canadian Election Happening?

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Fall 2021 Canadian Election?

Today, Electionarium looks at the prospect of a 2021 Canadian election this fall. Now, that could mean September or October, maybe even November, but the rumours are swirling and in politics, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

In our latest Canadian politics video, we look into the reasons why the current Liberal minority government of Justin Trudeau is potentially nearing its end, and why it might be in Trudeau’s best interest to go for the election now.

The opposition is not thrilled about the prospect, but remember this: if the opposition wanted the election, they would defeat the government in the House of Commons and be chomping for it. We take a look at the current poll numbers which tell a distinct tale about how a possible Fall election may go.

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Canadian Elections

Nova Scotia Election 2021 Results & Predictions

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