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Maryland 07 Special Election 2020 Results

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Maryland 07 Special Election 2020

We’re on top of a very different Maryland 07 special election taking place in 2020.

Voters in Maryland will submit their ballots by mail as people continue attempts at social distancing, meaning this election will be anything but ordinary. However, there will be a handful of polling locations open on election day.1

We give you the lowdown on this race, our prediction, and the results on April 28, 2020. This is the first House special election of the year; more are coming, including a hot race in California’s 25th District.

Background of the Maryland 07 Special Election

The 7th District of Maryland was represented for over 23 years by Elijah Cummings, a Democrat. Being in the US House of Representatives for that long, you gain certain seniority. Cummings rose to chairmanship of the Oversight Committee, which he led until his death in late 2019.

As the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak grew, questions rose as to how to conduct this special election, or if to conduct it at all. Ultimately, the election remained on the schedule, but unlike what we witnessed in Wisconsin for their April Supreme Court election, voters are being strongly discouraged from going to the polls.

Profile of Maryland-07

Maryland 7th District map

The passing of Cummings threw open a safe Democratic seat. Much of the City of Baltimore falls within this district, which includes a great deal of the Inner Harbor area, Midtown, and East Baltimore. Plenty of Baltimore County is in the 7th District as well, including some rural areas to the north of the city and also parts of Howard County. Columbia and Ellicott City are a few locales fully or partially in the 7th.

This district has a majority African-American population, with latest estimated figures showing 52.25 percent of the total count.2

In his final election, the 2018 midterm elections, Cummings was re-elected with over 76 percent of the vote.3

Election Candidates

Maryland 07 special election - primary results

A familiar face is the Democratic nominee in the 7th District: Kweisi Mfume. You may remember him for heading up the NAACP, but Mfume preceded Cummings as the representative here for almost a decade. He has been out of Congress for over two decades, but looks in good shape to get back there.

The Republicans nominated Kim Klacik, the founder of a non-profit called Potential Me.4

Maryland 07 Special Election Predictions

Democratic Hold - Very Safe

Let’s be honest: this is no Republican seat. Nothing about this race is favorable to them and everything is favorable to Kweisi Mfume retaking his old seat. What else is there to say? Come back for the results on or after April 28.

Special Election Results

Maryland 07 special election results 2020

As expected, Kweisi Mfume (D) is returning to Congress for the first time since 1996. He defeated Kim Klacik, the Republican nominee, with over 72 percent of the vote in Maryland’s mostly mail-in ballot. Mfume’s win increases the Democrats to 233 seats in the House of Representatives; there are 196 Republicans, one Libertarian (Justin Amash), and there are still five vacancies. Several of those remaining vacancies will be filled in May.

The result was in no doubt as the 7th District votes Democratic in a very reliable fashion. We observed a nominal swing to Klacik of about four points, which is not significant in that this was an unusual special election and the margins are so wide that movement of a few points will not raise any red flags.


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