Newfoundland and Labrador Federal Election 2019

Newfoundland and Labrador Federal Election 2019 could mean another red wave. Anything other than that would indicate a change in fortune for the governing Liberals.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party, en route to a majority government win in 2015, swept all 32 seats in Atlantic Canada. Newfoundland and Labrador was responsible for seven of those Liberal seats. All but one of them came in blowout fashion, with the exception being St. John’s East, a narrow win over the NDP.

One can go no further east in Canada than Newfoundland, nor can one advance into any time zone closer to UTC within the boundaries of said country. Their polls close first. Not that the Canadian audience at large will see it until later because of blackout rules (we will elsewhere), but if Newfoundland and Labrador gets any less red, it could be a sign of things to come in what could be a thrilling election night.

As for now, we make our predictions in the seven seats. You can jump to any province to see the results there, or go back to the main election page for the overall Canadian prediction.

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Newfoundland and Labrador Federal Election 2019: Seat by Seat

Ken McDonald (Lib)
Prediction: Lib Hold
Churence Rogers (Lib)
Prediction: Lib Hold
Coast of Bays—Central—Notre Dame
Scott Simms (Lib)
Prediction: Lib Hold
Yvonne Jones (Lib)
Prediction: Lib Hold
Long Range Mountains
Gudie Hutchings (Lib)
Prediction: Lib Hold
St. John’s East
Nick Whalen
Prediction: NDP GAIN from Lib
St. John’s South—Mount Pearl
Seamus O’Regan (Lib)
Prediction: Lib Hold

October 18, 2019 Final Newfoundland & Labrador Predictions Update

NL predicted seat totals: Lib 6, NDP 1.

The only color it would be a surprise to see on the map is blue. Red will dominate but orange could creep back into St. John’s. The NDP has a good shot at one of the two seats in the capital. With NDP fortunes rising nationwide again, they will be confident of taking the riding back.

September 21, 2019 Newfoundland & Labrador Predictions Update

NL predicted seat totals: Lib 6, NDP 1.

No change at all. Liberals still have a shot at winning all seven seats. A Conservative win would for them be a miracle. Divorce the increased fortunes of the provincial Progressive Conservatives from the federal Tories, as the past has shown there is no camaraderie.

July 15, 2019 Newfoundland & Labrador Predictions Update

NL predicted seat totals: Lib 6, NDP 1.

The Liberals will hold serve almost everywhere in the province except St. John’s East, which was one of the closest races in the country in 2015. Despite the NDP vote falling in many places, the Liberal vote could take a hit in Newfoundland & Labrador as well. The NDP is running Jack Harris again, who was the MP here for seven years.