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Nova Scotia Election 2017 Results: Charts and Maps

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Nova Scotia Election 2017 Halifax area results map

The Nova Scotia Election 2017 results are in the books, and we take a closer look at the results.

The governing Liberals were returned with a second-consecutive majority. It had been almost 30 years since a government was elected with consecutive majorities. Yet, for much of election night, it appeared the Liberals would fall short.

Only in the final booths with the early votes did the Liberals pull ahead in several key seats. These were the difference between 23 seats (minority) and 27 (three-seat majority). With those numbers, the Liberals can name a speaker and still have 26 votes to pass legislation.

Nevertheless, the Liberals took a hit from the last election. In 2013, Stephen McNeil’s Liberals rocked with 33 seats. This thrust his party into power, but during the campaign, the Liberal lead shrunk. On election night, it was much closer than expected. The Progressive Conservatives ran up the score in some safe ridings, but the Liberals were more efficient. It was this efficiency that saved them in several narrow victories.

Perhaps the oddity of the night was with the New Democratic Party. In an even more economical manner than the Liberals, the NDP gained seats spite losing vote share. Compared to the last election, they are even at seven seats. However, they lost a few during the assembly’s sitting. Among the winners was Gary Burrill, the party’s leader.

Nova Scotia Election 2017 Results: Votes and Seats

Nova Scotia Election 2017 vote results

The Progressive Conservatives increased their vote share by over nine percent on election night. 35.8 percent of the vote was their best since 2006 when Rodney MacDonald won a minority government. Meanwhile, the NDP dropped over five points. Their 21.4 percent was their lowest electoral vote share since 1993.

Nova Scotia Election 2017 seat results

Nova Scotia Election 2017 Results: Swing

Nova Scotia Election 2017 swing

The Progressive Conservatives and Green Party made gains on election night. Both the Liberals and NDP dropped. This resulted in a swing of almost seven and a half percent to the PCs.

Nova Scotia Election 2017 Results: Maps

Nova Scotia Election 2017 results map

Most of the orange to be found is in the Halifax area inset. As for the Tories, they won three seats in Halifax-Dartmouth metro after being shut out in 2013.

Nova Scotia Election 2017 Halifax area results map

Cape Breton Island turned mostly blue, with some of those races being stunning upsets. The Liberals were reduced to just two of eight seats, and they sustained several massive swings against them. For example, in Glace Bay (Liberal hold), there was about a 34 percent swing to the PCs. Cape Breton-Richmond (PC gain) featured roughly an 18 percent swing away from the government. The latter saw Michel Samson, a cabinet minister and former interim Liberal leader, defeated.

Nova Scotia Election 2017 Results: Predictions

To match these results with what we predicted, see our May 2017 Nova Scotia Election Predictions. See more on Canadian elections and our picks at the Canadian election prediction and calendar page.

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