Prince Edward Island Federal Election 2019

Islanders were recently in a mood for change; will that also manifest itself during the Prince Edward Island Federal Election 2019 count?

In April, Prince Edward Island elected its first Progressive Conservative government in 12 years, while making the Green Party the official opposition. On a provincial level, it was a bad night for the Liberals, who went from 12 years of majority governments into third place. Yet, can a line be drawn between that and the prospects for the federal Liberals this Fall?

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won all four seats on Prince Edward Island as part of their 2015 sweep of Atlantic Canada. It wasn’t particularly blue, anyway, during the Stephen Harper days except in Egmont with Gail Shea. We might say that the provincial and federal Liberals are considered differently by voters, but that does not necessarily mean they are in for an easy night on PEI. For example, former premier Wade MacLauchlan’s Liberals resisted having Trudeau out to the island to campaign for them, seeing him as a liability. That in itself may not mean much, but it is for sure that the Liberals are on defense across Atlantic Canada. Will any seats fall to the Conservatives, NDP, or even Greens?

Using the links below, you can jump back to the Canadian federal electoral picture along with overall seat prediction, or view seat-by-seat predictions in any province or territory. Below we predict all four Prince Edward Island seats with no tossups ever.

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Prince Edward Island Federal Election 2019 Seat-by-Seat Predictions

Lawrence MacAulay (Lib)
Prediction: Lib Hold
Sean Casey (Lib)
Prediction: Lib Hold
Bobby Morrissey (Lib)
Prediction: Lib Hold
Wayne Easter (Lib)
Prediction: Lib Hold

October 18, 2019 Final Prince Edward Island Predictions Update

PEI predicted seat totals: Lib 4.

One seat, in fact the only seat to watch on PEI is Egmont, which the Conservatives think could happen for them. Indeed, it would be a very good sign for them on election night. Otherwise, expect the Liberals to hold serve.

September 21, 2019 Prince Edward Island Predictions Update

PEI predicted seat totals: Lib 4.

We have no changes on PEI. The Greens will have some flurry of activity coming off of their elevation to the province’s official opposition, which could create odd and interesting vote splits. It’s an uphill climb for all opponents to the Liberals, however.

July 15, 2019 Prince Edward Island Predictions Update

PEI predicted seat totals: Lib 4.

Prince Edward Island just installed a PC government, but at the federal level, they have been reliable votes for the Liberals for a long time. Egmont was a Conservative seat for seven years, so the CPC will target it, but for now, the Liberals should hold all four.