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South Carolina Election Results 2018

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South Carolina Election Results 2018

Check out the South Carolina Election Results 2018, from the top of the ticket down to the bottom. Okay, well, not all the way to the bottom. We didn’t follow the Orangeburg County Deputy Dog Catcher election.

This is a Republican state, but while the blue wave crashed over other parts of the United States on election night, did it make it to the Palmetto State?

Republicans defended the governorship, which they have held uninterrupted since 2003; there has only been one Democratic governor for one term in the last thirty years. The GOP also defended six out of seven US House seats, as well as a majority in the state’s House of Representatives.

Please note: Write-in votes are not shown below, so some figures may not add to one-hundred percent.

South Carolina Election Results 2018: Governor & Lieutenant Governor

South Carolina Governor Election Results 2018

Gov. Henry McMaster (R) won his first full term. He assumed office in January 2017 when Nikki Haley resigned and has his seat until at least January 2023.

This is the first time in South Carolina history that the lieutenant governor is elected on the same ticket as the chief executive. McMaster’s running mate, now lieutenant governor-elect, will be Pamela Evette (R). She is a businesswoman who will be holding her first elective office.

South Carolina Election Results 2018: Secretary of State

Mark Hammond (R)* — 970,576 (57.11%)
Melvin Whittenburg (D) — 727,952 (42.83%)

Secretary of State Mark Hammond was re-elected.

South Carolina Election Results 2018: State Treasurer

Curtis Loftis (R)* — 952,233 (55.95%)
Rosalyn Glenn (D/WF) — 722,977 (42.28%)
Sarah Work (Am) — 25,979 (1.53%)

Curtis Loftis, the state treasurer, was re-elected.

South Carolina Election Results 2018: Attorney General

Alan Wilson (R)* — 938,032 (55.05%)
Constance Anastopoulo (D/WF) — 764,806 (44.89%)

Attorney General Alan Wilson was re-elected.

South Carolina Election Results 2018: Comptroller General

Richard Eckstrom (R)* — Unopposed

Richard Eckstrom had no opposition but write-ins en route to re-election.

South Carolina Election Results 2018: State Superintendent of Education

Molly Mitchell Spearman (R)* — Unopposed

Molly Spearman will serve another term as state education superintendant.

South Carolina Election Results 2018: Commissioner of Agriculture

Hugh Weathers (R)* — 1,105,366 (75.70%)
David Edmond (Grn) — 202,238 (15.08%)
Chris Nelums (UC) –118,671 (8.85%)

Hugh Weathers defeated two minor-party challengers to win re-election.

South Carolina Election Results 2018: US House

2018 South Carolina Election Results US House

South Carolina-01 (Charleston, Summerville, Hilton Head)
Joe Cunningham (D) — 145,455 (50.60%) — GAIN
Katie Arrington (R) — 141,473 (49.22%)
South Carolina-02 (Columbia [part], Lexington, Aiken)
Joe Wilson (R)* — 144,642 (56.25%)
Sean Carrigan (D) — 109,199 (42.47%)
Sonny Narang (Am) — 3,111 (1.21%)
South Carolina-03 (Clemson, Anderson, Edgefield)
Jeff Duncan (R)* — 153,338 (67.79%)
Mary Geren (D) — 70,046 (30.97%)
Dave Moore (Am) — 2,697 (1.19%)
South Carolina-04 (Greenville, Spartanburg, Greer)
William Timmons (R) — 145,321 (59.57%)
Brandon Brown (D) — 89,182 (36.56%)
Guy Furay (Am) — 9,203 (3.77%)
South Carolina-05 (Rock Hill, Newberry, Camden)
Ralph Norman (R)* — 141,757 (57.03%)
Archie Parnell (D) — 103,129 (41.49%)
Michael Chandler (Const) — 3,443 (1.39%)
South Carolina-06 (Columbia [part], Ridgeland, Charleston [part])
Jim Clyburn (D)* — 144,765 (70.13%)
Gerhard Gressmann (R) — 58,282 (28.23%)
Bryan Pugh (Grn) — 3,214 (1.56%)
South Carolina-07 (Myrtle Beach, Florence, Conway)
Tom Rice (R)* — 142,681 (59.56%)
Robert Williams (D) — 95,564 (40.31%)

South Carolina Election Results 2018: State House

South Carolina State House Election Results 2018

Republicans maintained their majority in the State House of Representatives with no loss of voting power.

Please note that the State Senate only comes up for election every four years and there was just one special election.

South Carolina Election Results 2018: Analysis

Even though Democrats did not have a lot to celebrate in the Palmetto State, it was responsible for one of the biggest surprises of election night. South Carolina’s 1st District flipped to the Democrats in what was otherwise a reliable Republican seat. This was the district that tossed out incumbent Rep. Mark Sanford (R) in the GOP primary thanks in part to his criticism of Donald Trump. Katie Arrington, the candidate who defeated him, is an ardent, vocal Trump supporter.

It might be one thing to win a Republican primary on supporting the incumbent Republican president, but clearly, the race pulled out from under her. In a stunning upset, she lost in this Cook R+10 PVI district. Joe Cunningham (D) is positioning himself as a moderate, which may or may not help him in 2020, anyway, if the GOP secures a name-brand candidate to run against him.

Otherwise, the blue wave failed to wash over the rest of the state. Henry McMaster won re-election, the GOP swept the statewide offices, and they lost no seats in the legislature. The 1st District will be at the top of many GOP lists for 2020.

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