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Wisconsin Election Results 2018

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Wisconsin Election Results 2018

The Badger State provides you with the Wisconsin election results 2018.

Wisconsin had to make its choice for governor and US Senator, as well as electing a new state legislature and eight members of the US House of Representatives. Further, Wisconsin also had several statewide offices up for election in 2018.

Democrats hoped for a good night, setting their sights on Scott Walker, who had become something of their Moby Dick over the last eight years. How did they fare this time, and did Republicans or Democrats do well in the remaining offices?

Please Note: Write-in candidate totals are not included below, nor are rejected ballots. This is why most figures will not add up to exactly 100 percent.

Wisconsin Election Results 2018: Governor & Lieutenant Governor

Wisconsin Governor Election Results 2018

Tony Evers (D) will be the new governor of Wisconsin, defeating Scott Walker (R) in his bid for a third term. In total, Walker will have been governor for eight years, winning two elections and surviving a recall attempt. Evers will be the first Democratic governor since Jim Doyle.

Before his election to the governorship, Evers was the state’s Superintendent of Public Instruction; not surprisingly, he made education a key focus of his campaign.

The new lieutenant governor of Wisconsin will be Mandela Barnes (D). He is a former state assemblyman from Milwaukee.

Wisconsin Election Results 2018: Attorney General

Josh Kaul (D) — 1,305,902 (49.41%) — GAIN
Brad Schimel (R)* — 1,288,712 (48.76%)
Terry Larson (Const) — 47,038 (1.78%)

Josh Kaul (D) was elected Wisconsin attorney general, defeating incumbent Republican Brad Schimel in a close contest. Kaul attended Yale as an undergraduate and received his JD at Stanford. This was his first run for elective office.

Schimel has already been appointed a circuit court judge in Waukesha County.

Wisconsin Election Results 2018: Secretary of State

Doug La Follette (D)* — 1,380,752 (52.74%)
Jay Schroeder (R) — 1,235,034 (47.18%)

Doug La Follette (D) was re-elected secretary of state. He has been in office since 1975, with only a four-year gap in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Evers will be La Follette’s eighth governor while in office.

Wisconsin Election Results 2018: State Treasurer

Sarah Godlewski (D) — 1,324,110 (50.89%) — GAIN
Travis Hartwig (R) — 1,216,811 (46.77%)

Sarah Godlewski (D) was elected the new state treasurer in a Democratic gain. Matt Adamczyk (R), the incumbent, did not seek re-election. Her victory meant the Democrats swept the statewide elections in Wisconsin in 2018.

Wisconsin Election Results 2018: US Senate

Wisconsin US Senate Election Results 2018

Tammy Baldwin (D) was re-elected to a second term in the US Senate. She saw a swing towards her of about 2.6 points from last time.

Wisconsin Election Results 2018: US House

2018 Wisconsin Election Results US House

Wisconsin-01 (Janesville, Racine, Kenosha)
Bryan Steil (R)* — 177,492 (54.56%)
Randy Bryce (D) — 137,508 (42.27%)
Ken Yorgan (Ind) — 10,006 (3.08%)
Wisconsin-02 (Madison, Monroe, Reedsburg)
Mark Pocan (D)* — Unopposed
Wisconsin-03 (Eau Claire, La Crosse, Wisconsin Rapids)
Ron Kind (D)* — 187,888 (59.65%)
Steve Toft (R) — 126,980 (40.31%)
Wisconsin-04 (Milwaukee, Cudahy, Shorewood)
Gwen Moore (D)* — 206,487 (75.61%)
Tim Rogers (R) — 59,091 (21.64%)
Robert Raymond (Ind) — 7,170 (2.63%)
Wisconsin-05 (Waukesha, West Bend, Watertown)
Jim Sensenbrenner (R)* — 225,619 (61.93%)
Tom Palzewicz (D) — 138,385 (37.99%)
Wisconsin-06 (Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan)
Glenn Grothman (R)* — 180,311 (55.47%)
Dan Kohl (D) — 144,536 (44.46%)
Wisconsin-07 (Wausau, Rhinelander, Superior)
Sean Duffy (R)* — 194,061 (60.11%)
Margaret Engebretson (D) — 124,307 (38.50%)
Ken Driessen (Ind) — 4,416 (1.37%)
Wisconsin-08 (Green Bay, Appleton, Marinette)
Mike Gallagher (R)* — 209,410 (63.69%)
Beau Liegeois (D) — 119,265 (36.28%)

Wisconsin Election Results 2018: State Senate

Wisconsin State Senate Election Results 2018

The Republicans gained a seat against where they ended the previous legislature.

Wisconsin Election Results 2018: State Assembly

Wisconsin State Assembly Election Results 2018

Republicans hold a substantial majority in the Assembly, which is unchanged from the previous session.

Wisconsin Election Results 2018: Analysis

The Badger State did not go solid blue on election night, but this state carried by Donald Trump in 2016 took a step back to the left. Democrats swept the statewide elections, gaining the governorship, attorney general’s office, and the state treasurer’s post. That alone makes it a good result for them, but Republicans held all five of their House seats. This includes the First District, held by outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan. (Link: WUWM)

Further, Tony Evers will have to work with a Republican legislature to get things done. This is the first time in years Wisconsin will have divided government, meaning an interesting session is on-hand. Evers will probably turn to bipartisan topics that he made key campaign issues, such as infrastructure improvements.

With all the good news for Democrats elsewhere in the country on election night, few seemed to pay attention to Scott Walker’s loss. As we suspected, a third term was too much to ask for Wisconsin voters, who had otherwise been very generous towards Walker. It was the win in the night for them in Wisconsin, though the new governor has few allies in the legislative branch. (Link: Journal Sentinel)

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