This is Electionarium’s coverage for certain world election predictions, and our coverage calendar for world elections. If it doesn’t fit into any of our other categories, here it is.

To get more specific, those other election calendars and prediction pages are: United States Elections | Canadian Elections | British Elections | Australian Elections | European Elections. If it’s not one of those countries or continents, you will find it on this page.

World Election Predictions and World Election Calendar - Aug 2019

Calendar Last Updated: 6 March 2021

World Election Predictions & Calendar: Upcoming Elections

This is not an exhaustive list of elections going on around the world in the near future. We recommend The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) Election Guide calendar for more depth. The below is a list of elections we are likely to cover.

23 March 2021
2021 Israel General Election

World Election Predictions & Calendar: Past Elections

Past world elections are arranged by year, with the most recent at the bottom. Make your way all the way down. Remember, if you do not see the country here, check our other nation or continent-specific pages.

2017 World Elections

18 July 2017
Bermuda General Election
23 September 2017
New Zealand General Election

2018 World Elections

1 July 2018
Mexican Presidential Election Results
28 October 2018
Brazilian General Election

2019 World Elections

8 May 2019
2019 South Africa General Election
23 May 2019
India general election results
21 July 2019
Japan House of Councillors election results
17 September 2019
2019 Israel Legislative Election (2nd)
27 October 2019
2019 Argentina Presidential Election

2020 World Elections

2 March 2020
March 2020 Israel Election
19 September 2020
2020 New Zealand General Election