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Your 2021 Canada Election Predictions: Alberta

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2021 Canadian Election - your predictions Alberta

Give us your best guesses on what will happen with the 2021 Canadian Federal Election races in Alberta.

It is not unusual for this province to be painted CPC blue from proverbial head to toe. In 2019, the Conservatives won all but one seat. Is that going to be the case this time as the Liberals hope for a majority and the NDP, who are again on the warpath provincially, look to gain ground?

Ridings below appear in alphabetical order. Not all candidates may have been selected by their respective parties at the time of this publication; we will make every effort to fill in names over the course of the campaign.


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Alberta Federal Election Predictions

Calgary Centre, AB: Who wins 2021 election?

Calgary Skyview, AB: Who wins 2021 election?

Edmonton Centre, AB: Who wins 2021 election?

Edmonton Mill Woods, AB: Who wins 2021 election?

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Canadian Elections

2021 Canadian Election Results and Predictions

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