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Your 2021 Canada Election Predictions: Prairies and Territories

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2021 Canadian Election - your predictions Prairies & Territories

Want to know what the public thinks about key 2021 Canadian Federal Election races in the Prairies and the Territories?

This is your chance to weigh in on key ridings in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and the North. We invite you also to vote on the outcomes of key races across Canada, and you can link to those right here on this page (after you’ve voted on the below, of course). The Prairies are usually CPC blue, but how will this time go?

As for the Territories, two of the three ridings are open, and those seats could be critical to the final numbers.

Seats are organized alphabetically by province or territory. Not all candidates may have been selected by their respective parties at the time of this publication; we will make every effort to fill in names as the campaign continues.


PREDICT ELSEWHERE: Atlantic | Quebec | Ontario | Alberta | British Columbia

Prairies Federal Election Predictions: Manitoba

Coming Soon
Charleswood—St. James—Assiniboia—Headingley, MB: Who wins 2021 election?
Total Votes : 79

Coming Soon
Elmwood—Transcona, MB: Who wins 2021 election?
Total Votes : 79

Coming Soon
Kildonan—St. Paul, MB: Who wins 2021 election?
Total Votes : 73

Coming Soon
Winnipeg South, MB: Who wins 2021 election?
Total Votes : 71

Prairies Federal Election Predictions: Saskatchewan

Coming Soon
Saskatoon West, SK: Who wins 2021 election?
Total Votes : 78

Territories Federal Election Predictions

Coming Soon
Yukon: Who wins 2021 election?
Total Votes : 72

Coming Soon
Nunavut: Who wins 2021 election?
Total Votes : 67

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2021 Canadian Election Results and Predictions

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